Parcel breakages and TVM Sound PK200 KT88 amp

Been having a bad time with amps being delivered. First this SC120 my mate rebuilt for be had the case broken and chassis bent with a dropping:

Bit of a pain but I have other sleeves to use while I glue it up. Transformers work fine when wonky.

But this one will be a bit harder to sort:

It is a TVM Sound TK200, some sort of PA I’ve not every heard of aside from seeing another on ebay.. Case has a big space in the bottom for unknown purpose, so was probably gonna cut it down anywa,y but whole new one is on the cards now.

Now for the important bit, guts:

Looks like a SS preamp on each input. Two KT88s powering it. Previous owner had it in storage, and fired it up to test it, pretty bad move, lots of smoke ensued.

As expected, old dried up cap let go when suddenly presented with full voltage, these need reforming by starting with low voltage or replacing. Here’s the rest of the insides, pretty simple as is just power section:

And the exciting part:

Woo, Gold Lion KT88, hope they still work.


Inside a Blackstar HT valve distortion pedal

I quite like these pedals, they respond to valve changes, which tells me the valve is actually doing the appropriate work. Got this one with a bust switch. Phoned up Blackstar, and aside from telling me there are no user serviceable parts (ha) they sold me a new switch for it for a sensible price (unlike Ampeg who stiff you).

Not horrific to get into, two layers of circuit board, 4 screws holding them and the bottom, plus removing the jacks an the switch nuts. Just gotta wait for the switch to arrive an solder it in, should be good to go.

Shipping casualty

A mate of mine rebuilt one of the Sound Citys for me, shipped it back. Didn’t arrive too well:

Been dropped for a fair height, that is screwed and glued.

Cropped my feet out of this one, check that tranny:

Rivnut torn out, and bit of a bend in the chassis:

I’ve swapped the chassis into another sleeve and squashed in the rivnut, replaced the bent screws and it fires up fine. Tranny is stuck with being wonky though. £600 valve or £525 unvalved if anyone wants it. No hurry to sell cause this will be my main amp for the moment.