Thor amplifier. A rarity with a very strange build style.

I picked up one of these towards the end of Caricatures, whilst the first STAK was with an amp tech that never got round to doing anything with it. It was kind of the confirmation that unknown British amps were pretty often awesome machines. I sold it to Rose Kemp after she borrowed it for recording and fell in love with it. Finally got hands on another one. Apparently ‘recently serviced’.


Kind of different control layout to the one I had.


Indicator the service was pretty half arsed. Trying to get it out the sleeve, realise it has been painted black over the tolex and handle, probably to cover a previous stencil job. The screws holding the handle on went right into the chassis through the sleeve, and prevented the amp being removed from the sleeve. So either the ‘service’ didn’t involve removing the amp from the sleeve, or they took the handles off, put it back with the wrong screws, then painted it black over the top, since the paint was unbroken round the strap handle ends.


Bunch of metal filings left inside an amplifier are a pretty bad sign.


Topside of chassis, really weird way to assemble eveything, does make for a low profile. U channels with the valves caps on one side, and the controls on the other.


Other side of chassis, looks like someone had the lace, but didn’t know how to do lacing. Grid resistors done fairly recently.