KT77s in my Burman Pro 4000

Not much to update as I’ve mostly spent my productive time scrubbing paint of Warhammer models, which you’ll probably have seen if you checked my ebay auctions, and doing boring guitar work. I did pick up some nice KT77s, thanks Heron Music

Here they are installed in my Burman and they are sounding floor shaking great, I think its going to be enough power for my purposes, but clearly need to get them to the jam space or a gig to really test it out.

Waiting on some reviews of the Shuguang KT77 I’ve heard rumoured so I can kick myself.

Carlsbro Amps and a different Partridge sticker

Lots of things arrive last night and today. But I’ve not had time to get into them.

One is the 60w already pictured, came back from a mate looking at it and its weird over voltage an finding nothing wrong and it basically working fine, not sure what went on there.

Next one down is bit more interesting, but totally can’t be bothered opening it after lifting all those about a couple of times already. It has C-Core trannies.

Bottom are two more 200w PAs with the partridge trannies. Suspect they have converting in their future. Opened one for a look and found an unfamiliar Partridge sticker:

Burman GX3 Guitar preamp

Been after one of these for ages, since before I got the 502, because it was ideal for my dual rig with stereo amp thing. Course got rid of the bass pre and stereo amp to go with at this point.

Snazzy case, could do with a flap on the back so you can leave it in and get at the sockets.

Pretty much same controls as Pro502 dirty channel, but some levels switching options.

Plenty of options on the back.

Tidy wiring, but a PCB.

With the valves out to show the population of the PCB. Tried it into reverb return of a Sound City, seemed a bit weak, only Sovtek valves in there so prob not originals, gotta get them checked and see if they are the weakness.

Laney Pro Tube AOR series 30w combo

This came up on local ads. Seems suitable for living room songwriting with my singer/guitarist.

Back with grill taken off so can see more stuff:

And the gubbins:

Dubiously replaced without pulling the board diodes:

And similar resistors:

Socket cleaning with meths and various tools:

An now its late, so no checking how it sounds. Curse these housemate’s that aren’t out on a Friday.

And speaking of my housemate, you all need to message http://www.charistalbotphotography.co.uk/ and tell her to do pretty ladies with amps photos.

Working on the TVM TK200

Dragged this one out the waiting pile, since Dad is fixing the case. First thing is replace the exploded filter caps [see here]

These are 40mm in diameter, and when I’d got one out and could see it, turns out was 600uf 300v. Unexpected, usually the 470uf 450v jobs I have are overkill, and I’m out of 1000uf. Also since the clamps are 40mm, did some tape wrapping, the chassis cutouts are the right size though. Plenty of pics of filter caps in the blog already.

General clean up an check resolder any suspect joints after those were in, check the right fuses are in (and they weren’t, 5amp in 1amp place, which probably should have blown before the filter caps exploded that much), and power up without valves to check the right voltages are shooting about. Except I don’t have a Bulgin lead handy and only inline IEC sockets. I do have a lot of chopped off cables from amps that I’ve fitted with inline IECs though. Bodgetacular:

That will be enough to get it running for a checking, and I can get an IEC to fit tomorrow.

Next issue is the also Bulgin style speaker out. No jack sort of holes, and no impedance selector either. hole is sort of big enough for a speakon. Also visible is my other bodge plan:

Also tape wrapped that and modified the screw holes. So we have voltages, loaded it up and had a go, but it is weak and distorted, not sure if pre or power us the issue. Want to sort a proper IEC firstly. Someone coming to borrow my cab stops noise play.

Pro 4000 is working

New caps, voltages checked, loaded up. Realised I’ve lent someone my cab, frustrating. Cab came back a bit later, and its all good to go, no bad noises, think need an ECC81 somewhere instead of an 83 because its breaking up a bit early on the gain knob for a bass amp. Didn’t take a pic of inside because it looks basically the same with different coloured caps and slightly more ragged wires because of having to unwrap them from the old caps. Here’s a photo of the mark inside the case from previous explosion:

And stacked up with my Pro 502, this and my silver fronted 4×12 will probably be my rig, provided the 4000 pushes enough lows.

Just waiting on getting hands on some KT77s for it.

Gem Saturn actual point to point EL84 valve amp and Vampower chassis

Couple of arrivals today. Finally an example of actual PTP wiring, I’ve been getting a bit annoy recently by people telling me things are point to point as a boast, then sending pics of various tagboard things, and in one case an PCB amp (the big green thing with a circuit printed on it is the giveaway there). Entirely point to point is pretty much a horrible thing to see in an amp, because unless things are very simple, it is pretty hard to follow. Luckily this one is very simple:

All the component legs have at least one leg going directly to another component, and tag boards in places relevant to them for support. It could all be done neater, but if you actually care doing stuff neatly and you make it on turret boards, not point to point.

Some more pics now that rant is done:

Gonna have to do a few mods, output jack socket first of all, it has a nasty rusty jack on some bellwire at current, which won’t short the output if turned on unplugged, bit dangerous for the transformer. Probably rig an IEC socket on too, because leads dangling off amps is really annoying, especially if you have them stacked up.

And the Vampower chassis:

Nice neat PCB layout, individual valve bias. This one doesn’t have the power supply board wonky like the other one, wonder if it is a noise thing, too neat and bolted there to be accidental.

Burman is on the bench for doing up, and couple of trashed in the post chassis have been given to my Dad for superior woodwork facilities.