Carlsbro 100 Top

Dude dropped this around today. Looks like its been around a bit but he had been using it for last 20 years, so that’s fair.

Front basketweave is missing, the shape from it i the glue remains and has been sprayed over.

Partridge iron, minimalist 2 valve pre.

Simple guts. Not spotting any spewy caps, will give it a clean and test and spark it up tomorrow.

Simms Watts Super PA200 guts. Sound City B50 to go

Another massive brutally heavy KT88 PA. Not had a Simms amp before. Managed to spill water into my laptop so everything is difficult.

Not Partridge transformers. Valves are out to go for testing.

The scary voltage selector.

Also, have this sound City B50 that has been recapped and revalved and cleaned up very nicely to go for £500. Make it much easier for me to buy a new laptop. It’s got a pair of untidy looking but tested good output valves in it:

Biting off more than I can chew.

This is what I found in the next SC120 in my pile. Knew something was up due to the modded front panel with 4 inputs and a ‘master’ volume.

Nothing left in there to restore. So plan is to rebuild into an approximation of a Hiwatt DR201 with 6 EL34, will be a bit less power due to transformers, but should be workable. Hoping that the knowledgeable nerds who read this block are going to chip in with help where necessary. I’ve got turret board and components, what wire to order is next thing.

New looking Sound City 120

Fed up of the one that is still being noisy having replaced most stuff in it. Pulled another out of the pile see if it would be easier. Put off doing this one because it has the Electrovoice transformers rather than the Partridge ones, which makes pretty much no difference really, but main thing people seem to dig about Sound City is Partridges. Turns out aside from being dirty from sitting around, this amp was basically pristine.

Work has been done in there, but done well, most of the pots have been replaced. Think other bits might have been using period parts also. Think the cable clamp might be non original, since hte original style knot is still there.

Gave it a good clean, very dusty, and a new set of valves. Now it basically looks like a new amp. I didn’t recap it, because the pristine made me think it would be nice for someone who wants a collector type one. £500, with a cover from a 120 PA that was much more beat up, if anyone wants it.

Fingerboard for the Wishbass arrived.

Done some shaping with the rasp and the more aggressive end of sanding, try and smooth the shape and such. Ordered a slotted ebony board, requested extra long for the purpose. Looks like it should match well.

Board isn’t radiused, my other Wishbass has a flat board, but I’m going to do this one to a 16″ radius and see how it compares. Still undecided where to go with the headstock repair, but Wish suggested carbon fiber, which would also be cool.