Why you should use the right value fuses.

Power transformer in a Burman Pro502. Not got it for an autopsy, jsut been sent pics by a mate to assess it. Guessing its going to be wrong voltage tap, or a shorted capacitor, and a foiled fuse. Fuse should go before melting and fire.

Carlsbro 100 Top

Dude dropped this around today. Looks like its been around a bit but he had been using it for last 20 years, so that’s fair.

Front basketweave is missing, the shape from it i the glue remains and has been sprayed over.

Partridge iron, minimalist 2 valve pre.

Simple guts. Not spotting any spewy caps, will give it a clean and test and spark it up tomorrow.

Simms Watts Super PA200 guts. Sound City B50 to go

Another massive brutally heavy KT88 PA. Not had a Simms amp before. Managed to spill water into my laptop so everything is difficult.

Not Partridge transformers. Valves are out to go for testing.

The scary voltage selector.

Also, have this sound City B50 that has been recapped and revalved and cleaned up very nicely to go for £500. Make it much easier for me to buy a new laptop. It’s got a pair of untidy looking but tested good output valves in it: