Wilsic 100w two channel head


Styling in between the previous Wilsic and Miles Platting amps I’ve had. Apparently a fairly early model.


Poor cap job. Just rattling about loose on the wires.


Guts, not as tidy as previous one, but more stuff has been done in here. Not sure if snubbers on the rectifier actually does anything in the audible range.


Blackstar Stage 60 guts


Clean channel not working. Still doesn’t with tested good valves in, something else going on, but not too easy to investigate stuff with loads of surface mount and SS shenanigans.


Big heat sink with presumably voltage regulators on, heat right next to the filter caps seems a terrible idea. Strong theme of this amp, sent it off without a fix as it was nothing readily apparent.

Inside a Blackstar HT valve distortion pedal

I quite like these pedals, they respond to valve changes, which tells me the valve is actually doing the appropriate work. Got this one with a bust switch. Phoned up Blackstar, and aside from telling me there are no user serviceable parts (ha) they sold me a new switch for it for a sensible price (unlike Ampeg who stiff you).

Not horrific to get into, two layers of circuit board, 4 screws holding them and the bottom, plus removing the jacks an the switch nuts. Just gotta wait for the switch to arrive an solder it in, should be good to go.

Vampower with modular preamp.

Got a heads up from the singer in my project Warrior Pope that there was a valve amp nearby. Turned out to be across the street from me. Easy peasy. Dude offered to turn it on so I could see the valves glow. Nearly shouted at him, due to the no speaker part. XD card in my camera has died and it has enough internal memory for one picture, so gathering these was bit of a nutpain:

New front plate for ID fun.

Preamp slots in like a game cartridge.

Neat inside, PCB, individual valve bias. Power board is secure at that angle, just looks free floating.

The Roost amp

Another amp arrives. Been looking out for one of these for a while. When I got a pic, nearly passed up cause thought was a modern thing, looked pristine. Heres the front:

‘The Roost’, not just Roost like I expected. Classy.

In the back, not sure if there should be a back panel with writing here. Get me a dymo labeller I guess. Authentic.

Inside, not sure those are partridges, no label, not dipped.

Yay, no PCB. Fair bit of corrosion, cobwebs and modifications though. Interesting black square thing tot he right, think is a rectifier.

Can’t start work on this till have assembled the Antigua bass. Turns out the machine head bushings are the wrong size.