Another Laney AOR series two, with another variation

Picked up another one, with slight issues, aside from missing letter:

But inside was a mild surprise:

Toroidal power transformer. Which are basically better transformers for the purpose, more efficient, lower mechanical noise, I think less prone to interfere with other things (that whole laminate direction thing to avoid noise won’t apply because they are round). So good, and not traditionalist, conventional OT though, because the saturation properties and such give a lot of the character of valve amps, the ‘tone’ is in the limitations. Oh yeah, the spec was on the side too:

Oh yeah, and obligatory guts. Neat ones:

Its issue was dirty pots, and occasional random banging, so gonna be dirt. This one was weird dirt, fairly sure this was the source, but not run it for a while to check since reassembling it, one pre valve base had grown a nasty crust, the others were fine though:

Seems like rust coloured, cleaned it off with cotton bud and meths, no idea why it was there and nowhere else.

Octobass in action video, and inside the dissapointing SC200 PA

Will posted a vid up of the piece in action before we packed it up to go to Latitude festival, where it won the Contemporary art prize:
Hopefully will get to make some more stuff like that.

Now this is something that got dumped at the bottom of the to do pile, but various things on top of it had transformer issues I can’t do much with. So dragged it out to strip. This was a Sound city 200 PA I spotted in a pile of junk for sale, I asked the guy if it had transformers in it, it did indeed. All excited, sorted a ride to go and get it. It had tiny transformers in it, and a big heatsink, someone had converted it to solid state, something I totally didn’t see coming.

Stripping it for minor spares like cap clamps and small bits of turret board is about all I can do, chassis too. Its been damp so the jacks and pots are crusty.


Fender FM100H

Most of today was poking about in Sound City 120, got one working, the other one is still frustrating. Also took delivery of this cheap broken amp from ebay, figured be a fendery sleeve and knobs if all else fails, but the problem of ‘sudden volume jumps’ sounded like dodge pots/solder.

The front panel is velcroed on and pulls off, I didn’t spot the tabs to do it first, and got worried by the ripping noises as I tried to extract the chassis. There is a real reverb tank in there.

Same deal as the Marshall Valvestate, all on one board, unscrew everything, and it comes out with some chassis flexing to get it round the tranny.

Everything board mount, resoldered all the pots, switches and jacks, and put it back together, works fine. £120 if anyone wants it.

Guitar assembled

Getting back into the swing of being productive now the Octobass thing is done. Check the website linked previous, the tiny thumbnail has bee updated.

Put this together out of accumulated parts, needs a better bridge to do it justice really, fairly happy with the Warman P90s so far, cheap and cheerful, sound pretty big through my rig, like most stuff does. Need to fiddle some more with standard guitar amps.

Just realised I’ve used over half the upload space, so some old photos might have to dispensary, if you think anything is particularly important to keep, put a comment on.

Glimpse of what I’ve been working on instead of amps

Here’s the excuse for not updating very often. Once it is done, there’ll be a bunch as I’ve been accumulating work to do. I’ve been working on an Octobass, click here for the link.

Not sure that whoever wrote “The lowest notes created by the octobass are inaudible to the human ear as the sound is experienced viscerally in the body.” has actually checked what they are up to, it is an acoustic instrument and thus very much audible, but the fundamental frequency of the lowest string is sub audible, but the timbre of instruments is made of the harmonics rather than the fundamental, which is audible as a rhythm as it is so low (16hz).