Shimming undersized machine head bushings

Fender do three sizes of tuner hole, Hipshot do two sizes of tuner bushing. Hipshot don’t tell you about the third one when you order bushings to suit a vintage spec neck, so when the bushings arrive, they might not fit, and then they tell you to shim them, because they have your money by this point. This didn’t happen to me, but the guy who commissioned me to assemble this bass.

Slice up a beer can to provide shim material:

The fun fiddly part is keeping the rolled up bit rolled while you try and push it and the bushing into the hole. Basically let the middle bit slide outward in a spiral type think so you can pull it tight with pliers, it all tucks in flat once it is in the hole.

Managed to do it all without slicing myself up.

The Roost amp

Another amp arrives. Been looking out for one of these for a while. When I got a pic, nearly passed up cause thought was a modern thing, looked pristine. Heres the front:

‘The Roost’, not just Roost like I expected. Classy.

In the back, not sure if there should be a back panel with writing here. Get me a dymo labeller I guess. Authentic.

Inside, not sure those are partridges, no label, not dipped.

Yay, no PCB. Fair bit of corrosion, cobwebs and modifications though. Interesting black square thing tot he right, think is a rectifier.

Can’t start work on this till have assembled the Antigua bass. Turns out the machine head bushings are the wrong size.

Prepping the bark

Figured a plan for hardening up the back part, been sanding around it. I have some Wilko own brand ‘danish oil’ but it is actually a wipe on varnish, leaving a satin plasticy coating. I used it for a door then got some proper stuff. Anyway, the sticky plasticyness seemed idea for purpose if I can get it to penetrate, mixed it 50/50 with white spirit an brushed it on, leaving it to pool in the crevices, and soak in. Will top up in a bit.

And some splash and spill to give a clue how the wood will turn out finished:

Wishbass arrived

Late om this because occupied with gig. Had some fuss with getting this delivered, and trying to get Parcel Force to invoice me for the fee they charge for handling duty. Anyway, it arrived eventually:

Hazard of point basses:

First glimpse:

Rough shaped neck:

Headstock flaw:

That will go when I reshape it all.

Light shining through:

Sadly the loose iten tapped in the knot hole turned out to be mud:

Stripped for finishing:

Minor setback day

Had a go at some non electrical things, supposedly the stuff I’m good at. Not working out great, first, dry run of the bass I need to put together:


rout is for a jack socket size only, in spite of that massive jack hole there. So the pot doesn’t fit, need to pick up a mini pot, having already ordered all the other parts, so the postage will be as much as the pot.

Rubbish thing two: Drilling holes for the new handle on one of the SC150 cases. Crappy drills from Tesco because I was too lazy to find my other ones (also cheap, but seemed ok, been used for house DIY thus could be anywhere), took ages to drill through the ply, and when it was near the end, I didn’t take pressure off, do it split off a chunk of wood. Doesn’t really matter, but bad practice, T nut fitted fine:

Woould stop being annoyed with that once the handle was on. but I underestimated the thicknes of the wood (cause its thinner round the grill) and the bolts I got were too short:

Unhealthy Klipp

Check this, and look out for it in your amps:

Bridged fuseholder, so no protection. Something else in there was blowing it, but ‘fixing’ the fuse is easier than fixing a whole amp.
Other thing that needs sorting is the broken power lead, I’ve poked it through in anticipation of clipping it off and reattaching. I’ll put an inline IEC on the other end to avoid carving up the chassis or having a trailing lead (which has been totally annoying me carting the SC150 about)

Need to recap it all really, but I need to ask the owner how he wants to proceed. So I’ve stuff it back into the box and will get on with assembling this bass for another guy.