Ordered a Wishbass

It is coming unfinished, scarab shape, made of the nastiest walnut he could find. Gonna have pics up when he sends them, then an excruciatingly slow diary of me sanding it down and finishing it.

Obviously didn’t take long for me to have it apart

Messy as expected of Sound City, but what is going on on the right there?

Loads of unsecured components, superfluous connections, not really sure what they are aiming to achieve either, I stirred it up some so you can see where the wires go, unnecessary joins and all.

Bit more Carlsbro work, and another Sound City!

For some reason the prospect of flipping over the PCB in the Carlsbro massively intimidated me an I put off doing it for ages. But here it is:

PCB is a bit more of a pain to work on as you have to flip it a few times due to the solder and the component being on opposite sides. Crusty old solder and old electro out, poke the new one through and solder back on.

Here is a close up on the new solder, plus the previous repair involving the new resistor an a piece of track replaced by wire, also, scorch mark:


Few others to go, some of the new ones are bigger than the old ones, so might get bodgy again (had to go quite a bit too high on the voltage to get right capacitance). Here’s the first, pretty sure its the bias capacitor:


New toy arrived today (cheers Dad)

Should be easy enough to get running tip top with no preamp, is a fair bit smaller and lighter than a full 120, Hopefully the VT bass will have the juice, plus slaving it off my Burman should be sweet.

Bass rig is done

My Barefaced Super 15 2×15″ cab arrived today. There was a bit of ballache with the payment, which is causing me trouble, but it works fine. Not had a chance to push it yet, since not got much by way of active band. Here is the full rig I’ll never get a chance to use:

Not done much else by way of gear tinkering, cleaned up a strat copy, didn’t think to take pics, but probably should have of the difference oiling the board makes, and been listing things on ebay.

Crappy combo fixing

Actually, I’ve been working on sorting a dudes rig out, rather than being lazy, but I forgot to take any photos. Eminence Kappalite 3015 are totally great drivers and work well in the cheapy Ashdown MAG 15″ cabs. I lined it with knobbly foam, and thespeaker drops right in, then sounds great.

Stuff I did think to photo was the dry joint making a crappy combo I picked up not work:

Not sure you can see, the pin is free floating in a little mount of solder,
this is the problem with board mounted jacks, all the stress is transferred to the solder joints and the pin can pull free. Warm up and a dab of new solder fixes it, but it can happen again. Combo is basically worthless, so not much point in further effort. Sprayed the pots an such.

I tried to photo the squashed dustcap, but the before and after basically looked the same

It was squashed in, I popped it back out by sticking the hoover nozzle to it. Worked pretty well.

Lots of effort, not much progress. Tricks learned.

Had a go with the power spray to get rid of sticker gunk and kiddy paint from this guitar. First application basically dried up too fast to make much odds (because the internet distracted me). So had a better plan:

It kind of worked. Would ahve worked if there wasn’t several layers of paint, and the pink stuff was really thick (it had black over it so worse than it looked). A scourer cleared most of it, but I was cautious round the edges, so loads is left, after I found it was covering a bunch of dings. so I cleared the face, and pretty much left loads on the edges, nothing new to learn from there. T-cutting was next, just gotta put it back together, and stick it up for sale.