Another Sound City 120, not done one in a while.

Pulled one out the pile, as sold all the working ones. Seems some mods have been done, guessing to try and reduce noise.


More power filtering added, stuff moved about, and rewired, on the other side the power transformer has been turned on it’s side.


Sound City 100 PA Mark 3 Guts

Not had much mark 3 Sound city stuff come through. This has had a life, two channels are covered over, need to get the wood off see if its drilled or the pot shafts cut off.


Lots of dust inside, dry rather than greasy so should clean off fine (people are sleeping so not busting out the hoover now).


All Mullard valves so win if they mostly work. Looks like a replaced cap there.


Insides look mostly original, got that not as neat as Hiwatt, neater than Mark 4 going on. Nice resistor cluster there, guess that blew up along with the cap, think the guts of the cap were still stuck to the grill underneath, was expecting to find it exploded when I opened it.

Crate Power Block guts. The last Sound City 120

Ah yeah, the really exploded cap from in that Burman:


Still not sure what it was supposed to do, amp works fine without it.

On to the inside of the Power block. Was given this one as dead an already with attempts to fix it. I’ve picked up another one with a broken off pot that otherwise works, so was going to swap. But I really hate working on tiny pcb, so might hand it over to a mate to do who works on pcb.



This is so not my area. Good amps though, not much by way of choices for lightweight guitar heads.

Into the last of that pile of Sound City 120 that started this blog. Its pretty tidy, but again, different components and some layout stuff, including what appears to be a later addition of a Bulgin socket. That will have to go.


Sound City B50, Laney AOR 30

Pretty much stuff that has been on here before, but Its inside more amps, that’s what this site is for.

B50, had its caps replaced, but gets awesome motorboating when you turn up the treble, going to start by replacing the caps around the valve tied to the treble control. Quite a lot of these are point to point, which makes everything a bit more difficult to follow round and work on:


Its an especially tidy one on the front:


Been inside a Laney AOR 30 too, with the 6V6, jack pushed inside, apparently with some force as it broke off some wires:


Opened up my Paco valve tester to tape the data scroll back on, here isn’t much inside there: