Warwick Tubepath 500w hybrid amp.

These are a bit more interesting than your standard hybrid, because they have an EL34 power valve as part of the valve preamp, so you get the full power valve goodness, and that does work pretty well, until the being made like a modern SS amp part kicks in and it starts cutting out and losing volume. I just noticed the EL34 is missing from the pic as it is in my valve tester and I took the picture waiting for it to warm up.


I’m not suddenly keen on Warwicks, just coincidence that these have come in. Actually, once I established the issue wasn’t just bad valves, and how much of a nutpain extracting the preamp board to sort it would be, I advised the owner to go to a mural friend and tech who is bit more keen on SS stuff and has contact with Warwick (who have ignored my email asking if they can sort parts for these).

Edit: I followed up with Warwick, they told me they already sent me a link. Didn’t put the link in that email though, apparently not guessing that I was asking why they hadn’t replied because I hadn’t got a reply.

Croft gig recording

Lesson learned at this one is checking amp is fused isn’t enough , need to check value too, the Burman I just got had a 2amp instead of a 3, so it gave up in the big loud ending. Not having two guitarists hospitalised in the run up to the gig so ending up with a week to write, learn and rehearse a set with a new one would also have helped a lot.

Made a bandcamp for the recording we made, didn’t get it started on time, so all teh high feedback manipulation at the start is missing. If you check this out, put it on in two tabs, slightly out of sync and it sounds cool.

Best feedback I got from the gig was from the headliner, The Backhand Jags, “After TRANSCENDING SPACE AND TIME and experiencing a mind warping minor manic euphoric episode during WARRIOR POPE’s DRONE-TASTIC set tonight we The Backhand Jags have wholeheartedly & mutually agreed that you chaps are more than welcome to taste our COLLECTIVE demon seeds at anytime you so require. Just give us a call. Keep up the good work”


Sound City 200 PA MKIV damaged in shipping.

Today’s arrival:


Two GEC KT88 rolling about loose, sleeve needs rebuilding, the strips inside are split and need replacing. Packing won’t help this sort of thing, been cropped, ropes around the box for handling might have helped.


Guts look alright, but the wiring style looks different to the other 200w Sound City I had earlier, curves in this rather than vague attempts at angles.


Big iron. Second preamp valve from the left in the pic is an ECC81.