Shrinking a neck pocket with veneer

Not been up to much interesting, shifting about big piles of stuff waiting for something to happen, but should have some interesting amp insides to show soon.

Did a bit more with the bass I’m assembling for myself with the tele neck. Neck pocket was loads bigger than the neck heel, so glued in a strip of thin wood to shring the hole. could have put it on the small side, but it felt more snug ont he long side, so I did it like that, spread on some Titebond and wedge in place to dry using the neck. When its dry, trim off and colour back. Mostly it will be covered by the scratchplate. also found a beefier black bridge int he spares box and some black knobs.

Building a dummy load

Recovered a scrap heatsink, I’d been after for a while and grabbed four aluminium cased 100w 8 ohm resistors on ebay. Over Christmas, hit up my Dad’s metal workshop to assemble a dummy load. Resistors are screwed in one side, and the base plate also acts as a clamp holding down the other side if necessary. I totally left the tube of thermal paste behind though, so it isn’t finished and I haven’t figured wiring it yet. Assembly pics will come when I get the paste back and take it apart to do that.

More Vampower guts

Took it apart to clean the pots and valve bases (means unscrewing them from the front, and pushing out the pcb to get at them, board mount pots is one of many things Vampower were ahead of their tome on, but not a great thing).

The preamp boards, just held in by the pots soldered to them. Does mean if the pots are loose the whole thing moves so no solder joints are strained, just stranded wires flexed, which they are happy to do.

The preamp module in place, like an old game cartridge.

Attempt at an arty shot with a light behind. Might stick to gear tinkering. Some dude preamp valves explained some pre weakness, but the swollen cap in the pre needs replacing to sort the rest.

New bass plan

Bits arrived today, enough to get rough idea of what new bass will look like. Dimarzio Model 1/Willpower (I have somewhere) mudbucker heading to the neck, and some sort of all black pickups and all black screws

The ‘relic’ finish on the neck is a horrible colour, brown rather than the golden glow of old nitro. Cheaper than normal neck though. Prob won’t do anything about this for ages, but a photographer jsut moved into the house, so look out for artier pics coming.

Another Sound City arrives

Grabbed this PA as a dead one, figured be full of useful spares. Shame most of the knobs have been replaced, had high hopes there.

No idea what someone was up to inside it though, horrible bodgery, the leads on the caps were touching the bottom grill, definitely a bad thing:

In addition to the flying caps, check the cluster of resistors in the middle, that’s a bundle of 6. I will say to whoever did this’ credit,t hey didn’t steal all the Mullards out of it. Not really sure what is going to become of this.

Vampower with modular preamp.

Got a heads up from the singer in my project Warrior Pope that there was a valve amp nearby. Turned out to be across the street from me. Easy peasy. Dude offered to turn it on so I could see the valves glow. Nearly shouted at him, due to the no speaker part. XD card in my camera has died and it has enough internal memory for one picture, so gathering these was bit of a nutpain:

New front plate for ID fun.

Preamp slots in like a game cartridge.

Neat inside, PCB, individual valve bias. Power board is secure at that angle, just looks free floating.