Bunch of Warrior Pope gigs coming up

In case you missed I have a band where I use the amps. https://www.facebook.com/warriorpope?fref=ts

Recording in a couple of months. So to check out the sounds, gonna have to tap up one of these gigs, we a re doing a bunch to get everything tight for recording.


^Got cheap list for this one so email as per above to be added.



Seeger Bassman clone. Handbuilt in Bristol [UK]

Modern handbuilt, so not usually what I have come through. Local amp tech’s first foray into building amps, went for the reliably good Fender Bassman round USA Peavey iron and chassis.


Standby under a protective cover. Kinda cheesy.


Louvres on top. Not most practical as stuff gets put on top of amps.


Fender type guts, proper sized pot for bias. [sold]