Would anyone buy new amps made around old transformers?

Considering it as a plan, with a mate who is good with wiring (wired tanks/fighting vehicles, so that whole ‘military wiring’ thing). I have a bunch of PA amps with not so much value in them, I could tweak and mod, but would still be a PA amp, so considering total rebuild, newly powder coated, possibly totally new chassis, new sleeve, all new gubbins etc. just using the old transformers. Be about ¬£1200 for a 100 watter, would anyone buy, specifically, would you buy, rather that just sort of assuming someone else will buy.


Sound City 50W PA

Not one I’ve had before. Mismatched transformers are interesting, seems a big deal to have swapped out on a little PA, maybe a back to the factory job?

Robbed the pic the guy sent me after parcel people lost it there. As usual, too impatient to have it apart to remember to photo it intact.

Those mismatched trannies

Underneath, looks really busy because a lot of it is point to point style. Not really that much in common with the SC120 mkIV build style. From the look of it, a cleaning will get this working. The fact that being a PA means its probably destined for a converting means recapping etc is probably a bit of a waste of time.

Rather more intact Laney 100w Super PA

Not sure what makes it super, guess related to the Super Group stuff. This one is basically intact, although non working as bought. Most of the valves were shot, need some nice weather tomorrow for a good cleaning for starters.

Should come up OK after a clean.

Lots of pre valves, that were mostly duff.

Looks like had a new choke, can you guess what gives it away?

Underneath, looks like it was once quite tidy, but lots of fiddled with things there. Nice floaty bits of point to point, what’s with the curls in the resistor legs coming off the valve bases?

Not sure what to do with this, probably worth more as spares for supergroups, so making it work right might be massive waste of time.

Burman Power Pak and instrument preamp

Had a couple of the PA version come through, but this is the instrument pre one. Idea was a modular thing so you could run as many of the slaves as you needed for power, or choose preamps according to need. The preamp is powered from the slave so can’t really be used alone without modifications. Inside the pre:

Inside the slave:

In the back:

Chassis is aluminium and wasn’t really up to the transformers so is pretty bent, the other ones I’ve had were steel chassis with larger transformers. Fair few things about the case construction are pretty crude, suspect this is very early/a prototype sort of model. Think it needs a recap the HT seems pretty unstable, the valve glow flickers and they redplate eventually. Not got bench space to mess with it much so is put aside until I have.


Early Hiwatt DR103 100w AP

This has had a bit of a life, various mods done, recap, impedance selector replaced by a 16 and 8 ohm jacks (not ideal when I have a 4ohm cab). Hopefully the spares from the Sound Citys I stripped will provide the necessary parts to set it right.

Tidy wiring, but since its 1969, predates the inking guy joining:

This bit is the stressy fun to fix, impedance selector messed with, need all the wires connected up right to not toast my valves/output transformer:

Since this is a 1969 amp, with a 3 digit serial, interested in taking offers for it, if anyone wants the restoration stuff done their own way.

Traynor YBA-2b Bass Mate combo amp

Nice simple valve combo.

Worked fine, just needed a cgood clean. A spare valve in a clip and the schematic are in the sleeve, but because of the way the sleeve is, you can’t really see the schematic:

Stucka  camera in, and took some pics, lemme know if you want the other angles, this one had the most stuff in it. Check my stuff on ebay too.