Couple of Warrior Pope vids, Peavey Artist guts. Pedals for sale.

Did some videos for Warrior Pope live recording.



This Peavey Artist came in for triage, touring band from Sweden, different electrical regs there so shenanigans inside. Fuse on the bias is a genius plan.


Blown fuse on the board, and this cooked looking cap is prob the issue, but not one I have to hand. Put a new fuse in and wished him luck, apparently it works, will need a proper sorting when they aren’t on tour.



Not sure if linked this before, but I set up a Facebook page for pedal sales. This should be a link to the folder of pedals for sale:
Or just look up Tone Wolf Audio on Facebook.


Mishka Shubaly at The Gryphon, Friday 18th November

Ampstack is presenting a gig. In a metal pub. But it isn’t a metal gig and will almost certainly not involve stacks of amps.

Gryphon Mishka_UK_TourPoster_colour2.jpg

Event page where most up to date info will be:

Award winning author and writer of the Doug Stanhope Podcast theme plays his songs and tells stories for us in an intimate venue, featuring excellent beers.

Mishka Shubaly:
Supported by:
Lionface [solo]


Croft gig recording

Lesson learned at this one is checking amp is fused isn’t enough , need to check value too, the Burman I just got had a 2amp instead of a 3, so it gave up in the big loud ending. Not having two guitarists hospitalised in the run up to the gig so ending up with a week to write, learn and rehearse a set with a new one would also have helped a lot.

Made a bandcamp for the recording we made, didn’t get it started on time, so all teh high feedback manipulation at the start is missing. If you check this out, put it on in two tabs, slightly out of sync and it sounds cool.

Best feedback I got from the gig was from the headliner, The Backhand Jags, “After TRANSCENDING SPACE AND TIME and experiencing a mind warping minor manic euphoric episode during WARRIOR POPE’s DRONE-TASTIC set tonight we The Backhand Jags have wholeheartedly & mutually agreed that you chaps are more than welcome to taste our COLLECTIVE demon seeds at anytime you so require. Just give us a call. Keep up the good work”