STAK 130 valve amp head guts

Rare one, but the second I’ve had, the other one got done up before I was into this and behaved, so I didn’t get gutshots. Not this one though, came ‘ebay working’ (didn’t buy through ebay, but its the term I use) it makes noise, but two power valves were dud and one cap is spewing it’s guts.

STAK 003

STAK 002

Valves pulled for packing, its 4 EL34, standard style. Only 8 and 16 ohm outputs. Don’t think these are Partridges, from speaking to guy who made it. Voltage selector is on top of chassis.

STAK 005

Fairly standard stuff. Pop rivets holding stuff in though, so once they are in, gotta be drilled out. All the sockets are healthy though.

STAK 004

Simple and fairly neat. Dig this.

Dynacord Eminent I 1 guts, German weirdie.

Got impatient to see something new so put a Sound City aside to get into this. Hurried front shot before I took it apart shows, at least I remembered this time.

dynacord 006

Turns out unfamiliar is scary.

dynacord 003

Bit friendlier after dusting:

dynacord 004

SS front end, guess the ECC81 is the PI, does seem to dirty up on the front end OK. Hard to follow circuit round by eye, so didn’t. Looks like the filter caps have been done, crudely, but done. Sticker backs this up

dynacord 001

dynacord 005

From the other side, less dust here. Gave it a cleaning, tested valves, works OK, pots bit crackly, but can’t get into them to spray, exercising them helped. £250 if ya want it.

Marshall Valvestate head guts

Pretty much done this before, from the combo version, but took better photo this time, and also kind of aware the rate the blog gets updated has slowed, more going on now its summer, but its woodwork again.


Not much interesting in there, stickers say it has a history of being well maintained, recently, not so much. All the nuts were loose which allowed the pots to pull free of the board, and the plastic prongs that hole the board were mostly snapped off.


There’s a bad bit of solder, different style to previous pictured ones. Resolder everything and put it back together. Hope it works when people aren’t sleeping tomorrow.