Marshall guts

Picked up a couple of Marshall amps. Not my usual thing but a gaping hole in my gutshots collection. First up a 1971 JMP Super Lead.

Non original switch (but I don’t know which one, I have spares of both) and well tatty.

Back with badly installed effects loop. could really have done with lining up the holes. Its disconnected inside, just unconnected jacks.

Handwired, but not point to point. Apparently the cluster of smarty resistors left of middle is as original. guessing the one odd diode isn’t. Not super exciting in there.

This one is for sale, £900

Other one also looks like a Marshall, but a badly recovered one. 1981 Mk2 Master Model 100w, JCM800. Insides are thus:

Much tidier, compare to the Laney AOR pictured earlier.


One of the cats brought in a small bird which escaped behind my amp piles, so I had to move them all. Good hint its time for a clear out.  Most of these have probably been seen on ebay. Note I’m not a pro amp repair person, just a dedicated amateur, so consider these as you would second hand amps that are well maintained not fully pro serviced/guaranteed, although ask anyone who has bought an amp from me, my after sales support is pretty good.

I can ship worldwide, ideal scenario is I pack and you arrange your own courier, that way in case of damage in transit, you have the evidence and the contract. Check elsewhere in blog for pics.

Orange PA120: Sold

Laney Protube AOR series 2 100w valve guitar amp
These are fairly close to a beefed up two channel Marshall, bit more bottom end and gain on tap and much nicer cleans. As with all my amps, it has had a basic going over, stuff cleaned, inside dusted, valves checked. Welcome to come give it a try with my nice cabs. SOLD

Classic British handwired valve amplifier, gives classic Sabbathy dirty tones with the Klipp circuit and nice loud Laney cleans on the normal channel. This has been revalved, recapped, pots cleaned and had various minor things fixed. I have replaced the power lead with an inline IEC socket for convenience without having to cut the chassis. The clean channel has surprisingly little background noise (like none, was worried there was no output for a sec, until I actually played through it), guess the nice new caps were to do with that.

Also include is its dust cover, I assume it to be the original one. SOLD

Hiwatt DR203 PA

This one I’m not definitely selling, might snatch it back so PM before you set your heart on it. Tidiest wired amp I’ve laid eyes on, and sounds immense, but likely to play second fiddle to a couple of my other amps I sue for low end in my rig (my Matamp and my Burman). Loaded with a tested good set of KT88 and a bunch of various old stock preamp valves form my personal stash, all original inside, with inked solder joints etc, and no background hiss due to awesome wiring and top end components. £1100

Carlsbro 100 Bass head late 60s. This one has top end C-Core transformers, which are pretty rare in instrument amps, more often found in super high fidelity stuff like studio gear. Also they look really awesome:

All the electrolytics have been replaced, and it has been revalved with nice modern valves. Did a fair bit of work to this one, kind of like old Carlsbros, and this is a top end one, on eyelet board inside. SOLD

Mac multi purpose Italian amp. This is an oddity, it has a bunch of AC30 going on, with a built in tremelo and a spring reverb, made for multi purpose use. Being around 30w means Doom bass isn’t one of those purposes. Great for keys and funny guitar noises. Didn’t do much with this aside from clean it (which it needed) and had the valves checked. [SOLD]

Vampower 100w PA. This one is a bit of a rarity, and built to a very high quality level. Too high for them to keep in business sadly, so very few units were produced. This also has C-core transformers. As far as I recall this is also loaded with its original valves that all tested good. I’ll need to verify but its quite far down in the pile, so will do that at request. £450

Nolan 100w. Irish made heavily influenced by Marshall but with better transformers (Partridge). Really nice sounding amp. £450

Stak by MJB Electronics stack. 130w head (4 EL34 and nice transformers) and a 18″ W horn cab. I spoke to the guy who designed and built these, the cab was ‘designed’ by senidng his carpenter mate to the local music shop showroom with a tape measure, looks like he picked out an Acoustic 361 to measure up. The head is fairly simple Fender style preamp, simple but made really well, which is the best way for valve amps to be. This is mostly for sale just to lose the cab, takes up loads of room, but too much of a shame to split them. The original Gauss driver with a voice coil rub will be included, there is an Eminence 18 in the cab currently. [SOLD]

Orange 120 PA

Today’s arrival. bought as ‘working’, but that has little meaning, always do basic cleaning and check over before firing up.

Later style faceplate that my previous one (predated this blog).

Chunky enough iron. Only two pre valves from the very simple mixer preamp.

Guts. On a pcb, but nothing inappropriate mounted on it. Which kind of puts it ahead of the pix only one, that had board mount preamp sockets.

Slung a known good set of valves in and it fires up fine, bit of noise says a recap would be a good plan. As its all original electrically, might leave as is. It has been painted black and stripped at some point in its history though.

Hiwatt DR203 PA guts and another Sound City energiser slave

Bit of a mission to go and get this. Came with no valves, but been after a Hiwatt for ages. Hope it works because the inked joins and ridiculous neatness are going to make it hard to sort out without showing.

PA front, pretty boring.

Super tidy inked guts. The inked turrets with no solder on them is odd though.

Here are the pain in the nuts must have two cabs plugged in to work jack arrangement, as the amp was more powerful than most cabs could take. Overall, very similar to my Sound City 200, but neater and inked.

Also had this much less interesting Sound city slave arrive.

Electrovoice transformers again. Not very exciting.