Ashdown LB550 Little Bastard Class D hybrid head guts.


Totally forgot to take a pic of the front, but not a hard one to track down. Hiwattish preamp by Dave Green, coupled with a ICE power module by Bang and Olufsen. Took apart as cut out at a gig.


Not sure of the function of topside PCB. Seems a complete pre undernneath and the power module is its own thing. Important thing noted in this pic is ECC82 in the inner position. I totally forgot previous time I whipped the valves out of one, seemed to work happy with an ECC83 in there though.


Ashdown ABM Evo III guts

Not my usual, but Ashdowns tend to be fairly easy fixes, stuff is accessible, and the tech support is good it it gets hard.


Buncha replaced knobs, it has had a life. Nasty loud buzz that doesn’t stop when you turn the output volume, but kinda cuts in and out when you wiggle it. Valve is an EHX, tests OK.


Power board pulls easy, few screws, resolder the power caps. EQ controls have their own board, just undoing the pots and taking the tips off the sliders gets that out on some wires. Replaced the master vol pot as had one in stock, that fixed the noise, but intermittent volume changes when prodding the board, so not the only issue. Everything else off the front and more screws to get the rest of the pre board out, balance pot is bust out the solder, solder that and everything else that is a getting loose risk. Back together, and it works fine, but the dial does light up any more. Arse.

Marshall Valvestate head guts

Pretty much done this before, from the combo version, but took better photo this time, and also kind of aware the rate the blog gets updated has slowed, more going on now its summer, but its woodwork again.


Not much interesting in there, stickers say it has a history of being well maintained, recently, not so much. All the nuts were loose which allowed the pots to pull free of the board, and the plastic prongs that hole the board were mostly snapped off.


There’s a bad bit of solder, different style to previous pictured ones. Resolder everything and put it back together. Hope it works when people aren’t sleeping tomorrow.

Warwick Tubepath 500w hybrid amp.

These are a bit more interesting than your standard hybrid, because they have an EL34 power valve as part of the valve preamp, so you get the full power valve goodness, and that does work pretty well, until the being made like a modern SS amp part kicks in and it starts cutting out and losing volume. I just noticed the EL34 is missing from the pic as it is in my valve tester and I took the picture waiting for it to warm up.


I’m not suddenly keen on Warwicks, just coincidence that these have come in. Actually, once I established the issue wasn’t just bad valves, and how much of a nutpain extracting the preamp board to sort it would be, I advised the owner to go to a mural friend and tech who is bit more keen on SS stuff and has contact with Warwick (who have ignored my email asking if they can sort parts for these).

Edit: I followed up with Warwick, they told me they already sent me a link. Didn’t put the link in that email though, apparently not guessing that I was asking why they hadn’t replied because I hadn’t got a reply.