Just to note, I do buy amps

Occurs that people looking at stuff on this site from searches might be looking because they have one the same as I’ve put up. If you are doing so because you want it gone, let me know, I might be after, especially if its broken. Seem to get a reasonable amount of such interest from ones for sale on ebay, so figure if I say the same here, might get somewhere.


Edit: even more somewhere if I include my email, olifoxen at hotmail dot co dot uk

Orange 125 Hustler 2×12 combo.

Traded for this, because its interesting, even though I am no fan of Fender Twins or Orange amps, combine the two and you catch my interest.



Original footswitch for reverb and trem is nice, but it was hardwired, which has broken off, hoping the hole is big enough under the grommet I can put a jack in, for a bit more sensible.


PCB with board mount valves isn’t ideal, but this has had a fairly recent and thorough service, so not too worried. Was dustier than I’d expect though. Nice lacing. Weird layout.


More pcb detail as I guess its useful. Not actually made noise with it yet, more concerned with finding space for it. Seem to have replaced a bunch of heads with combos. After in the region of £550 for this if anyone fancies.

SW amplification 2×12 cab, Fane loaded


This came with the Sound City, not found any info on its background though. sort of wondering if it is an alternate Simms Watts logo, it does have the ‘squareness’ like their amp sleeves thing going on, the edges aren’t as rounded as the sleeves of Hiwatt/Sound city/Nolan which I assume to be all made by the same place. Anyway, it has two 15 ohm Fanes and sounds nice. It may well have a future in the hands of this reggae band who have recently been good customers of mine and consequently have an excellent sound.

Sound City B50, Laney AOR 30

Pretty much stuff that has been on here before, but Its inside more amps, that’s what this site is for.

B50, had its caps replaced, but gets awesome motorboating when you turn up the treble, going to start by replacing the caps around the valve tied to the treble control. Quite a lot of these are point to point, which makes everything a bit more difficult to follow round and work on:


Its an especially tidy one on the front:


Been inside a Laney AOR 30 too, with the 6V6, jack pushed inside, apparently with some force as it broke off some wires:


Opened up my Paco valve tester to tape the data scroll back on, here isn’t much inside there:


Sico TV-11 tube tester guts.

Picked up a pair of these, unknown working. Figure should be able to make at least one good one of the two



Here’s fun in one:


Bust resistor, no tolerance stripe so I don’t know what way to read it, stripes say 300k or40k, and it has 47k printed on it. Figured I could just meter the other one, so I opened that, and it doesn’t have that resistor. Wondering if its due to the pot its attached to being the wrong value/sweep.

Edit: Think I should start linking stuff I’ve looked at: http://www.radiomuseum.org/r/superior_tube_tester_tw_11.html


Selmer Treble and Bass 50 SV

Looks about the same as the other one on the outside, except recovered in corduroy type stuff and horribly nicotine stained.


Warm water, bit of washing up liquid and a sponge sort the nicotine, I thought the knobs were gold, but they were yellow stained silver, pretty bad.


Insides tidy and unmolested. Different transformer and rectifier style to the 100. Shockingly loud and bassy.

Messed with Selmer Treble and Bass 100w guts


Fixer from ebay. Wasn’t expecting it to be so recently worked on. The new transformer was mentioned, but all new electros too. The notches filed into the front are to clear the bolts from the handle on teh sleeve. Because tilting it when you slide it out is too hard, apparently.


Pretty questionable work in here, especially replacing all of the filter caps with dual ones with only one half connected up. Soldering is a state too, and the resistors on the valve bases have to reason to have legs that long.

Here’s the worry though:


Nice burned up stuff. Scrubbed off the soot, redid the horrible wiring and replaced the diodes. Still blows its fuse, so might be the transformer gone. Those diodes aren’t actually connected to the cap, dry joint, which I think has done for it. On to the for spares or if a suitable tranny turns up pile. The replacement tranny in there is by Majestic Transformer Co who have quoted me about £160 for a new one. Not sure is worth it.