Sound City 200 PA MKIV damaged in shipping.

Today’s arrival:


Two GEC KT88 rolling about loose, sleeve needs rebuilding, the strips inside are split and need replacing. Packing won’t help this sort of thing, been cropped, ropes around the box for handling might have helped.


Guts look alright, but the wiring style looks different to the other 200w Sound City I had earlier, curves in this rather than vague attempts at angles.


Big iron. Second preamp valve from the left in the pic is an ECC81.


One thought on “Sound City 200 PA MKIV damaged in shipping.

  1. I saw your ebay listing, I have a Sound City 120 Mark 4 Custom Built I am looking to sell, I was going to list it on eBay today, but if you’re interested I will consider any offers? It’s in working order, with all the tubes glowing, although it has some background noise, the casing is also worn in places, and 3 of the knobs are missing from the controls. If you are interested you can email me at but I will be listing if I haven’t heard from you by tomorrow.


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