Orange OR120SL Slave


Picked up as a fixer, no sleeve, been in a shed, think the sleeve rotted. Has the same PCB as an OR120 so could be converted fairly readily, but some people want it as a slave so prob just a fix up.


Choke and fair sized iron.


PCB with the OR120 parts unpopulated.


Wire broken off the end of a filter cap, soldered back on, and failed again.

Electric amplification Master Volume 180

Something new to update the blog with, been sent these gut shots, because have enough Selmers and Sound Citys on here. Hopefully these shots will help you build your own since you can’t get one by ordering them. Conspicuously a turret build and lacking any military style lacing as claimed, still a reasonable build, shame about the clueless bollocks in their marketing.

Edit: seems pictures are no longer clickable to embiggen, not sure how to make them so as don’t see an option. But with some right click and copy link shenanigans, can be made big.


Lack of grommets in the holes, relying on heatshrink alone isn’t ideal. Rest seems tidy enough. Good work by John McNeece.


Slightly clearer shot and a nicer angle for some bits.


Topside. Gold Lions seem nice valves.


I have some more shots, but will save my storage space, shoot me a message if need to see anything else.