Awesome vintage test gear

Bruel & Kjaer Type 1022 beat frequency oscillator. Signal generator that does sweeps.
Bruel & Kjaer 2603 Microphone Amplifier
Type 2305 Level Recorder
Mic to go with the preamp.
Detail of the schem and freq plot of the mic.

This is basically a set of gear for making paper plots of frequency response of speaker cabinets. Something I was kinda into a few years back, but got bored of.

Laney GH100L guts

Think I’ve covered these loads, but tryna keep regular updates for a bit.

Topside. When the chassis unstuck from the tolex, it crunched a 6L6, as the toroidal is too short to protect it. Done this before. Its pretty frustrating. But I prefer EL34 anyway.

Sound City 50R solid state front end valve PA guts

Front, looks a lot like all the other ones.
In the back, laid out different to the valve ones, EV transformers. Bunch going on on the board topside.
Topside board detail from the back.
From the top, big reverb tank. Different chassis to the valve ones.
Attempt at back of pots details. Reverb tank is big and in the way.
Underneath, lots more on a pcb. Looks way fiddlier than the valve ones.
PCB detail.
Power supply and power valve stuff on turret strips.
Jacks and alt angle of the pcb

6 Channel Selmer Reverberation 100 guts, includes novel preamp valve placements

6 non identical channels. 6 with the reverb, two with the echo loop, two without.
Topside. Lots of caps, lots of valves. tiny reverb tank. Big choke.
Underside. Got that K. Minimal bodging up to get it working in evidence, goes with the one replaced EL34.
Bit of modern work done here, something cooked off. Mystery item in the wrap. The shared grid resistors that cause fun issues still not addressed.
Jacks, lacing, ground bus.
Power filtering end. Thanks for using loads of the expensive sort of caps, Selmer. Check out Ampspares on Facebook and ebay for caps for old amps. Or just email me.
Here’s some possibly useful info if you are tryna sort a stirpped one. These odd valves might be a bit hard to figure. 6BR8 in front of the reverb transformer.
ECC82, first one behind the reverb transformer.
EF86 pentode middle of the 3. Last one is an ECC83, the default assumption for a noval socket.

Latest For Sale collage and Laney LC50/60 Supergroup series combo guts

If you spot something you are after, email for more details, see banner.
Had this show up, kinda a half done project, new grill cloth put on, fair bit of internal shenanigans in the past.
Topside of the chassis, original Partridge OT and choke, replaced PT.
Inside, got kind of a mess with the new PT install being crude and having rectifier heater winings, couple of caps replaced.
Greenbacks. Back panel with the impedance selector missing, replaced with some chocolate block. Def can be done better.

Latest for sale stuff. Ampspares ebay shitshow

Next up on the block is this White Little Rock 50w EL34 1×12 combo amp. Just sorted out. this is a high gain little combo. It sounds less Burmany than the 120w one I had, high gain low noise available still. Might swap about some pre valves see if that is making any odds, not got that Burman thickness, sounds like a fairly nice normal combo with high gain, cleans up nice, footswitchable boost, but no footswitch included, uses a pretty generic one. £450. As always, use email to communicate, its in the page banner. Comments don’t give me a notification and pretty often don’t show.

Also for sale is this Sound City 200+. Active preamp, as Mark IV, left intact, bit of fiddling for noise, but its still pretty noisy as should be expected with this, with the vast EQ range. KT88 power section, Partridge iron. Actually Partridge, not EV. Currently missing the back panel, its different to the 120 ones and I’ve not found it, possibly can rob one off a PA if its a big issue. Last one of these I have, kinda aimed to keep one of each, but its kinda got stupid and I’ve gotta go through and let some stuff go. £995.

Here’s a mosaic of the stuff I currently have for sale. @ampstack on facebook if you are desperate to go that way, but emailing is best if you want to buy stuff.

The Ebay shitshow in the title is their new plan to force everyone into the global shipping program. They’ve enrolled me into it before without asking me if I wanted to and the main thing it did was make knobs that cost about £4 to post overseas even after ebay fees to cost about £15 to post to overseas as they had to go via ebay’s handler. So if you are keen to buy spare parts from Ampspares, check out @ampspares on facebook, or just email me, the parts are easily browsed on ebay, just don’t buy them there, you’ll be paying ebay and not for stuff.

Laney GH50L guts

PCB pots, chassis mount sockets. Pretty sure someone tried fixing dirty pots by revalving the amp, then selling it as ‘working’ on ebay. Needed the pots cleaned to work properly.

Caps under the pcb is a bit annoying. Not sure why laid out like that.
Topside. Proper choke, proper sized iron, toridal PT is bit annoying for flipping it though. Need to put a book under to stop the valves being on the surface.

Burman Pro 4000 and White Little Rock side by side

Stuff that showed up today. Burman Pro 4000
White Little Rock 50w (EL34)

Story is that Little Rock amps were made for White by former Burman staff.

Big iron in the Burman. Valve shenanigans, should be Gold Lion KT77 in there.
Being a 50w amp, much smaller iron, Douglas branded.
Guts of the Burman. All very tidy, some messing in this one, new valve base. Presumably factory variant with two axials in place of the dual 32uf can, holes are there for it, guess out of stock.
Inside the Little Rock. Bit more productino oriented and updated, same wire colour codes.
Side be side.
Another angle in the Burman. blue wire in the selector plug seems semi standard.
And the Little Rock