That new Warrior Pope album I mentioned.

I’ll do some amp updates soon, fully been neglecting this blog. I’ve neglected instagram and twitter too.

Used Burman, Laney, Sunn and custom Ampstack amps on this.

Matamp Quasar 500 and Laney VH100R guts


Showed up set to bridge mode, had to open it and find the switch. Turns out not on the side with the diagram. Do spot a toasty looking resistor bottom left though. Still tested right, luckily as it was missing a stripe.



Right side this time, showing the classic K135 and J50 mosfets. Hand marked bridge/stereo switch on the pcb to the left.

Other thing:


Laney VH100R, made a bunch of noises and blew a fuse.


A shorted power valve, a miles out of spec (like, measured a couple of meg rather than open) grid resistor. Suspect someone tried a ‘fix’ by swapping positions before selling this as ‘working’. Couple of dud pres too.

Laney VA 100 head and VA50 combo


This is kind of a rarity. Came in between Klipps and Pro-tube series as far as I know, have asked Laney on FB if they can confirm anything.


Decent sized iron. Still the crappy rotary switches.


PCB with more stuff mounted on it that the Pro Tubes, guess they figured it wasn’t such a great idea.


Top side.


Combo version, different chassis, cut outs and angled front.



McKenzie speakers. Burman briefly used these, kind of premium items, few Burman similarities/influences on these amps, see Pro Series amps.

Laney Nexus 400w KT88 valve beast.

Been after one of these to poke about in, used one to record Fire in the Womb. finally got one to poke about in, non-working.


Says ‘all tube’, but obviously tons of SS for the graphic and effects. Can be bypassed though.


Came with two KT88 missing, and the bust pre is presumably why it doesn’t work.


Not sure what the tiny floating board is. Not sure hat a lot of the stuff in there is really, but that looks odd.


Laney AOR 50 and Supergroup guts.


Inside AOR 50, some tinkering done. Just needed a clean and revalve, working happy, £400 if interested.


This ones a 100w Supergroup, with a burned valve base like every other Supergroup I’ve been in, rest seems pretty original, will clean that up and see if it works.


Inside a Supergroup power simulator slave, also with the burned up bit.

Laney VA100 guts, Kelly P.A,100 video

Amp that came between the Klipps and the Protube series. Limited production so pretty rare.



Pretty damn grubby inside. Interesting that more build shortcuts taken with this than the Protubes, with board mount pre valves and pots. Possibly they thought better of this.


Space on the pcb for another pre valve, apparently to run the reverb on the combo version.

Also quick video to show the Kelly PA head working.