Orange OR120SL Slave


Picked up as a fixer, no sleeve, been in a shed, think the sleeve rotted. Has the same PCB as an OR120 so could be converted fairly readily, but some people want it as a slave so prob just a fix up.


Choke and fair sized iron.


PCB with the OR120 parts unpopulated.


Wire broken off the end of a filter cap, soldered back on, and failed again.


Orange 125 Hustler 2×12 combo.

Traded for this, because its interesting, even though I am no fan of Fender Twins or Orange amps, combine the two and you catch my interest.



Original footswitch for reverb and trem is nice, but it was hardwired, which has broken off, hoping the hole is big enough under the grommet I can put a jack in, for a bit more sensible.


PCB with board mount valves isn’t ideal, but this has had a fairly recent and thorough service, so not too worried. Was dustier than I’d expect though. Nice lacing. Weird layout.


More pcb detail as I guess its useful. Not actually made noise with it yet, more concerned with finding space for it. Seem to have replaced a bunch of heads with combos. After in the region of £550 for this if anyone fancies.

Orange Dual Terror guts. Stuff on ebay

Edit: This is now for sale, £395:

A mate had his Orange Dual Terror here delivered as I’d be in while he was at work. Opened it for a look, so I know what to expect when he blows it up later.

Outside the lunchbox, pretty standard chassis.

Everything on PCB inside, not unexpected. Union flag screen printed on a clearly made in PRC amp. Proper sized components though, don’t get why everything is on push connectors though, so they can say it is handwired?

The other power taps on the transformer are there, so it can be converted to other voltages. Here is the info which was floating about on an unattached card inside the sleeve:

Here’s what I guess will e a failure point, dodge soldering on board mount valves:

Orange 120 PA

Today’s arrival. bought as ‘working’, but that has little meaning, always do basic cleaning and check over before firing up.

Later style faceplate that my previous one (predated this blog).

Chunky enough iron. Only two pre valves from the very simple mixer preamp.

Guts. On a pcb, but nothing inappropriate mounted on it. Which kind of puts it ahead of the pix only one, that had board mount preamp sockets.

Slung a known good set of valves in and it fires up fine, bit of noise says a recap would be a good plan. As its all original electrically, might leave as is. It has been painted black and stripped at some point in its history though.