Kelly 100w amp

Ex Selmer guy. Dymo labels stuff and not big on model numbers.



Real tidy inside, really wide chassis, full length of a 4×12.





100w 4 channel Kelly PA

Kelly are the tidier offshoot of Selmer, this one in particular is very Selmery, had a good chance to side by side it.

kelly selmer

Got them both from same dude, fairly sure he put the knobs on, but the chassis and such are clearly same.


That’s a timer so you can keep track of your valves.


Top side of chassis.


Underneath, familiar Kelly build style on tag strips. Some work done and a diagram left in there. Tagging Selmer, should bring up previous 100w Selmer PAs for comparison.

Laney VA100 guts, Kelly P.A,100 video

Amp that came between the Klipps and the Protube series. Limited production so pretty rare.



Pretty damn grubby inside. Interesting that more build shortcuts taken with this than the Protubes, with board mount pre valves and pots. Possibly they thought better of this.


Space on the pcb for another pre valve, apparently to run the reverb on the combo version.

Also quick video to show the Kelly PA head working.

Kelly 50w head for sale


Got it behaving right, one issue turned out to be my jack cable though, pretty annoying, had to happen eventually, the last original jack on the pair of cables I got way back  when I got serious about music stuff it has finally died. Anyway, nostalgic distraction over. £350 for this amp, even though its the same but better than the Selmer. Also, quit buying amps that are right at the back and the bottom of the pile. Buy the front ones instead.

Kelly 50w amp

These are always described as being a Selmer T&B badged differently. Finally I get to compare.


Guess its lost its back panel info, which might have given me a model name or something to work with, sleeve and chassis are similar to the T&B but the hardware, iron and suchlike are different style. Plus no heat shields. I tagged this as treble and bass, clicking the tag should bring up pics of previous ones.


Inside is very different, much neater work, different build style, different transformer means different rectifier (bridge rather than the full wave in thee mark 3 T&B). Circuit is similar sort of thing. Basically, they aren’t really comparable amps since the build quality is far apart, and having similar circuits meaning amps were the same would leave us with about 4 amps to choose from. Happily take a Kelly like this over any Selmer I’ve poked about it.