Blackstar Stage 60 guts


Clean channel not working. Still doesn’t with tested good valves in, something else going on, but not too easy to investigate stuff with loads of surface mount and SS shenanigans.


Big heat sink with presumably voltage regulators on, heat right next to the filter caps seems a terrible idea. Strong theme of this amp, sent it off without a fix as it was nothing readily apparent.


Orange OR120SL Slave


Picked up as a fixer, no sleeve, been in a shed, think the sleeve rotted. Has the same PCB as an OR120 so could be converted fairly readily, but some people want it as a slave so prob just a fix up.


Choke and fair sized iron.


PCB with the OR120 parts unpopulated.


Wire broken off the end of a filter cap, soldered back on, and failed again.

Ashdown Little Bastard and Selmer Treble and Bass Mk2 guts

Little Bastard works fine but opened it up for a look anyway:


PCB mount valves and pots, not ideal, but at least not all push connectors. Sounds great too, not really loud enough for my purposes. So for sale, £350.


Top view showing valves and iron. Did notice the edges of the chassis seams are not welded, seems solid enough anyway.

On to the selmer T&B.


Plenty of cobwebs and spiders going on, seem to predate the power valves by a fair bit, so someone did a bodgy job of them.


Underneath, looks like bias cap and resistor replaced. Compare to later ones, looks line minimal changes were made to add SS rectification, one had the diodes right on the transformer, other had a dedicated board.

White Little Rock Vintage 50 combo guts

Got impatient, still waiting on valves to arrive before I get this going properly, but had to have a look in there:


Pretty tidy, spread out, slightly more impatient to load it up and play with it, see if that translates to low noise and decent sound. Don’t forget to check out Ampstack on Facebook.

Edit: Been told by a bunch of people Bill White was the owner of White’s music shop and thus White Amplification.

Newer Vox AC30

This came in with intermittent cutting out/volume loss. With a gig coming soon, it was a while U wait fix, so didn’t mess much with taking photos. Outside, looks like a Vox AC30. New variation on the tinfoiled fuse theme inside:


Pretty sure is a guitar string. Makes sort of sense.


Inside is all horrible PCB at angles and tons of push connectors. All put together in a really awkward way that is probably homage to the originals. Bust solder joint on the master volume appears to be issue, resolder that, and a few other likely candidates, replace the fuse, gave it a go, seems to work, didn’t fancy trying to extract all the PCBs anyway. Cleaned all its sockets too, vertical inputs is ideal for dirt to fall into.

Peavey Road Master vintage tube series guts.

Mr. D of the Atomic Tangerine blog dropped this over for a service, various small misbehaving, including non working reverb and some not right sounding gain channel.

Again did that thing where I started taking apart before photoing it. Whipping out all the valves and running them through my exciting new tester explained the not working reverb, a dead half on one of the preamp valves. Power valves were all good, which is relief since those are the expensive bit to sort.

Various PCB in there, everything is mounted on them, not ideal, but they are separate and secure, so not so much flexing in various places. Do need lifting out to get a look at the components. I can see a disconnected wire from an LED (these have been replaced badly at some point) and various incomplete joints on the preamp valve PCB. Need to lift the boards for a look at the state of the caps on there next.

Fender FM100H

Most of today was poking about in Sound City 120, got one working, the other one is still frustrating. Also took delivery of this cheap broken amp from ebay, figured be a fendery sleeve and knobs if all else fails, but the problem of ‘sudden volume jumps’ sounded like dodge pots/solder.

The front panel is velcroed on and pulls off, I didn’t spot the tabs to do it first, and got worried by the ripping noises as I tried to extract the chassis. There is a real reverb tank in there.

Same deal as the Marshall Valvestate, all on one board, unscrew everything, and it comes out with some chassis flexing to get it round the tranny.

Everything board mount, resoldered all the pots, switches and jacks, and put it back together, works fine. £120 if anyone wants it.