Orange Dual Terror guts. Stuff on ebay

Edit: This is now for sale, £395:

A mate had his Orange Dual Terror here delivered as I’d be in while he was at work. Opened it for a look, so I know what to expect when he blows it up later.

Outside the lunchbox, pretty standard chassis.

Everything on PCB inside, not unexpected. Union flag screen printed on a clearly made in PRC amp. Proper sized components though, don’t get why everything is on push connectors though, so they can say it is handwired?

The other power taps on the transformer are there, so it can be converted to other voltages. Here is the info which was floating about on an unattached card inside the sleeve:

Here’s what I guess will e a failure point, dodge soldering on board mount valves:

Klipp working.

Once basic stuff was done, got full happy signal on the Klipp channel, with or without Klipp engaged, but the normal input did the same trick as the troublesome SC120 and was weak and faded more with playing. With some handy guidance from Dunwich Amps I replaced the usual suspects of any resistors that handle some current in the pre. Still had the issue, so some brute force replace stuff had to happen, based on limiting it to stuff related to standard pre input. Turned out to be a cathode resistor, the left hand job in parallel with the small replaced electrolytic. Not the one I suspected, the big burgundy one with a spewy looking end, that is replaced with a ceramic here.

So now its all working, for sale for £650 or thereabouts.

Wormy Wishbass is pretty bad

Gave it its woodworm treatment, set to it with the wood hardener today, left for prescribed time and had a poking to see what we ended up with. Not ideal news:

Not too much left once the spongy stuff had been scraped off. So I sawed through the last good wood:

About half a square inch area of good wood holding half the headstock on, still held tune though. Gotta figure what to replace it with. Wishnevsky said he’d send a blank end of laminated Wish neck so I could scarf on and carve a new headstock, lots of effort. But now that’s off, thinking replace with crude but effective metalwork and have a biomechanical thing.

Burman 501 combo guts.

This one works basically fine, so done no work to is, something sounds a bit wrong, but suspect is the combo speaker being unfamiliar. [edit: was a tired valve]. Only realise how badly focused the gutshot is now I see it in full, looked OK on camera screen, but I’ve put it back together now.

Some work done in here not up to original standard.

Red dipped trannies and loads of pre valves.

Proamplifiers VSQ150 and another Wishbass

Loved 4 separate wake ups this morning from stuff arriving today, stayed up late waiting for a cab to come back after a gig, so wanted the sleeping. does mean I have new stuff to play with though.

First and most awkward to move around with just woken up co-ordination: A Proamplifiers VSQ150. Pretty google unfriendly name keeps these under the radar so info on them was scarce. Grabbed it anyway, figure can’t go too far wrong with British handmade valve amps, that is my area. Lots of knobs though. Took it apart too fast to remember to take a photo. This beasty amp was packing a quad of 6550, guess the 150 is 150w then.

Inside is a bit complicated though, might have overextended myself there:

Really fiddly PCB with loads of transistors, some ICs and weird through hole valve bases, attached to chassis but soldered to far side of the board so can’t get the board out without detaching all of the legs. Hope that’s all fine and its just a valve/pot issue making the pre not work then. Should have expected complication from an amp with this many knobs:

Will give that a cleaning and some new valves and a bit of tightening, and see what it does.

Also incoming is another Wishbass:

Issue with this one is woodworm:

Only in one piece of the wood, and it is fairly recently made, so guessing it was already in the wood before the bass was made. Not it has compromised the strength of the headstock, but since it was overkill anyway, hoping that woodwork treatment followed by wood hardener will be enough, otherwise it is splice on a new headstock. Also planning to plane the board flat (its near flat radius anyway, and has some imperfections) and glue on a slotted board then fret it, as I can’t play fretless, and can’t sell a bass this close to crumbling into dust.

Another Klipp, another Sound city. Ebay.

That Sound City I was fighting with for ages that was fading into distortion and not guys to the sound finally is working again. Gave up trying to understand and brute force replaced all the resistors in the preamp, and now it works great. Must have been one that was dying as it warmed up. Next SC120 was the one with the chained up resistors and such fun, tons of waxy exploded cap goo everywhere, lots of meths and swabs and cotton buds to get rid of that. Recap, new valves, and it makes a nasty squealing and far too much gain. Figured do the same deal as other one and replace all the resistors, since they were already laid out and ready. Few caps replaced since had those around too. Waiting on more bits arriving, should swap around the valves too in case one is duff. Current state of play there:

Also recapped a Laney Klipp. That one isn’t happy either, nasty noise comes from it and only the Klipp channel has full output. Needs further investigation, lots has been tinkered with in there previous, should compare to other one and see if anything is clearly wrong value, or I put a cap in wrong way round:

Also click here for ebay stuff.



Gem Saturn working, onto a horrible SC120 next.

The Saturn got its clean up, and a check over, aside from the suspicious legs and sorting the output connector, not much visibly wrong, so fired it up empty and measured voltages, those were all happy, so loaded it up and it fires up lovely, no indication of what the expected cab impedance is, used it into 4 and sounded fine, been advised to replace the transistors though and have some equivalents on the way. Need to add an output jack somewhere sensible and secure the power cable better.

Next on the bench is the SC120 that sorted the zigzag resistor chain pictured before. Plenty of other horrors in there.

Earthing point, guess this is inadequate soldering iron and soldering solder to solder. Not quite sure what to do with this, probably remove it hot if it won’t break off.

Massive caps replacing small ones, without replacing the main caps, and the replacement is spewing already. Some have clearly exploded enthusiastically previous and the whole amp is waxy inside. Looks kind of like they used old caps as replacements, since they look to be as old as the amp but are hot glued in, and the glue hasn’t yellowed like old glue does. They also didn’t clean off the waxy exploded cap gunk before hot gluing, so it wasn’t even nearly stuck.

Another resistor chain.

Also the bias cap put in had a much higher value than the original, which is apparently bad. Gonna have to check everything fairly thoroughly in this in case there is some issue that wasn’t apparent that all the bodging was to try and get round.