Latest stuff for sale list

Facebook has been getting all the updates, just copied across the text descriptions from for sale folder. Email for details if you have no facebook. Probably nicer stuff at the end, because its  in roughly chronological, so earlier has the nice stuff sold.

Ashdown Little Bastard. Curiosity satisfied, even with fancy cab, these probably aren’t loud enough for what I do. Sounds really nice though, can fully open it up. Will do gutshots at some point, still waiting on new soldering iron arriving so I can finish what’s on the bench. £350 if anyone wants it.

Gem Venus combo: £125

Hiwatt PA 200: £1000, KT88 200w PA, pretty much all the guts are original in this, since it was totally behaving once I cleaned and valved it.

Dynacord Eminent 1: Cleaned, valves checked, works. £250.

Laney Klipp: Now working, fully recapped, loaded with tested valves. Gotta swap out the ones in it, just my testing randoms in there right now. £700. Loading with vintage valves a possible for appropriate money.

Carlsbro 60PA: That 60 PA I mentioned possibly causing neighbour trouble. Now all working, with a crudely bodged in IEC because I didn’t want to file up the chassis, can do a better job of this if someone wants it, as have IECs that fit now. £300.

Kelly 100w PA, input sensitivity seems kind of low, probably moddable, but leaving it as designed. clean all the way up with my bass straight in. £375.

Carlsbro 100 TOP: Cleaned up, recapped the few that weren’t done. Seems pretty clean compared to the 50 even opened up, didn’t do that for long because there would be upset. £500.

Selmer Reverberation 100w PA: Sorted and working, £375

60w Dan Armstrong: Now sorted by Aitken Audio. £350

Mac Recanti: Still ugly but roughly working now. Its got some noise but it has odd multi caps and didn’t want to make a compilation one, these are pretty rare and not keen on that degree of bodging it in. £200 as its only 30w or so (vox AC30 type power section) and its not fully pimped.

ELK custom Amp 45. Missing its reverb tank, so the reverb doesn’t work, otherwise working happily. Valve rectified. £275

Selmer 100SV. Newly rewound power tranny, all pimped by Aitken Audio £375. In a nicer sleeve now.

Miles Platting: Valve rectified, UL power section, interesting combo there, makes it fair chunk more interesting than Marshall clone I was expecting, seem to have taken general theme and upgraded it some. Mullards in power section. Pres are negotiable, generics in there right now as they were to hand. 50w. £600

Proamplifier VSQ150: Everything about this amp has been a massive fucking pain in the balls. 150w guitar head with high gain channel, clean channel sounds pretty nice for bass, gain channel not so much. Loaded with nice GEKT88 currently because I stock those, but they are overkill for guitar, so will probably order some cheap 6550 if it hangs about for long, so grab now for nicer valves. £350, kinda cheap because it was so annoying to work on and annoys me to look at.

Racing Green Matamp 2×12: Happy to keep, but if someone wants it unloaded for £185, can go. Put feet on instead of broken wheels, but have a caster set from Matamp also.

Burman PA preamp, converted to work standalone. Nice reverb in it. £250. Check out Pigshackle and ANTA for bands using these preamps.

Dan Armstrong 60w Combo: Just back from being sorted by Stewart Palmén [SS stuff], 60w valve power section, same as the 60w Klipps, as this was made by Laney, graphic front end, 2×12 combo £450.

Laney 50 AOR. Newly valved and cleaned inside. But I totally didn’t clean inside the sleeve, loads of cobwebs, housemate went to bed so hoovering would be unpopular. £400

Laney Supergroup 100w. After a clean up, new valves, actually worked OK, replaced a noisy resistor and added balancing resistors to the power filtering, so the OG caps should stay healthier. Sounds really nice. £975.

Laney AOR 50 and Supergroup guts.


Inside AOR 50, some tinkering done. Just needed a clean and revalve, working happy, £400 if interested.


This ones a 100w Supergroup, with a burned valve base like every other Supergroup I’ve been in, rest seems pretty original, will clean that up and see if it works.


Inside a Supergroup power simulator slave, also with the burned up bit.

Laney VA100 guts, Kelly P.A,100 video

Amp that came between the Klipps and the Protube series. Limited production so pretty rare.



Pretty damn grubby inside. Interesting that more build shortcuts taken with this than the Protubes, with board mount pre valves and pots. Possibly they thought better of this.


Space on the pcb for another pre valve, apparently to run the reverb on the combo version.

Also quick video to show the Kelly PA head working.

Dutch Super City amp guts

Apparently different thing to the London City amps. Grabbed this out of curiosity, suspect blown transformer.


Inside is pretty crude, ends of the chassis are wooden blocks and the assembly is held into the sleeve by wood screws into these.


Kind of a mess going on in here, not sure what is mods and what is original, the floating rectifier board surely can’t be.