Carlsbro 100TC guts

The one with the bellbottoms logo.


Huge box, for a 100w amp.


Partridge transformers.


Tidy well spaced guts. 4 speaker outputs, no shorting on the jacks, so risky.

Bugera / Behringer 1960 Infinum amp guts


Seemed a sensible price on ebay, and I’ve been curious a while. Slightly dodge ebay description as ‘new’, screw missing from the back (and not convinced the remaining three are originals), another screw missing inside and one valve has been changed. I’d guess in an attempt to fix the intermittent crackle noise it made sometimes, which was a bad preamp valve.


All sections on separate boards, fairly sensible way to do it, nothing stressing anything else, accessible, and serviceable in the modern replace the whole board style without totally rebuilding the amp. Most of the boards are through hole too, which means they can be serviced properly. Pots are tiny board mount jobs, but with their own board so turning them doesn’t try and pull the legs out of the holes if the nuts are loose, step ahead of the valvestates. I reckon it would make a good base for inserting your own preamp.


Infinium board.

The various inputs make a bunch of difference, top left one is nice and clean, loses the nasty top that I’d normally assume is something wrong, but turns out is the ‘Marshall tone’, having messed about with a 74 Superlead. so it totally does that thing, that needs Greenbacks to cover.