Sound City 120 for sale


These are rebuilt ones. New caps and resistors so low noise. Be great if you could take one unvalved as I don’t have enough new valves to go round. £450 empty, £550 loaded.


£450 for this one, all its original gubbins aside from a new set of valves. So its noisy and such.

Croc skin Selmer Treble and Bass guts. Horrible state.

This came in because it has a bit of noise when used with a reverb.


Interesting caps, note that valve rectifier there.


Underneath, note that solid state rectifier there. Someone has disconnected that, and put it back to valve, but left everything else. Clearly toasted a valve which started a fire inside, but all the burnt wires have just been electrical taped. After hoovering it out, checked the fuses, and the ground, those are fine, so turned it on, since it was ‘working’ an I’m only looking for a noise. That bundle of wires caught fire. The noise was the shield on a wire on a preamp valve base touching the heater. This needs a proper rebuild.

Set up a twitter

Nothing on it yet, because if I had anything to do, I wouldn’t be setting up a twitter, bench is occupied with stuff I need to go get things for in daytime, and its too hot for moving things. @Amp_stack should work, hopefully. Lemme know, I have no clue what I’m up to.

Facebook optimisation of for sale stuff

Can one of the non-facebook using people tell me if this link works and shows you stuff, put in the comments, so anyone else can see its done:

Basically, most stuff is going on the Facebook page now, just amp guts in high res going here, more search engine friendly here, more interactive on Facebook. But my continued turnover of new amps to post is reliant on them selling sometimes. For the people that see the blog but no access to facbook, here is copy pasted from there, the for sale items folder content, most stuff is pictured in the blog somewhere, but best emailing for details:

Kelly 50w treble and bass: So its like the Selmer, but better. So why the hell is it cheaper at £350?

Ashdown ‎Little Bastard 30w: Curiosity satisfied, even with fancy cab, these probably aren’t loud enough for what I do. Sounds really nice though, can fully open it up. Will do gutshots at some point, still waiting on new soldering iron arriving so I can finish what’s on the bench. £350 if anyone wants it.

Turned wooden valve base to make a KT88 into an ornament. £8

Gem Venus 20w 1×12 combo £125

Hiwatt 200w PA: Sorted alternate big amp for my rig plans, so slightly more effort to get this one sold. £1000, KT88 200w PA, pretty much all the guts are original in this, since it was totally behaving once I cleaned and valved it.

£550, Orange Hustler, their take on the Fender Twin.

Burman 501 combo, not using it, great sounding, could do with space. £550.

That Fender bassman 50w: Taken tons of pics of this, tap me up with an email and what you want to see if you want details, the guy is after in the region of £4k for it, pretty serious stuff, its pre CBS, serious piece of kit, with a history.

Vampower 100w PA: £400. Super rare, C-core transformers.

Dynacord eminent 1 50w PA: Cleaned, valves checked, works. £250.

Laney Klipp 100w: Now working, fully recapped, loaded with tested valves. Gotta swap out the ones in it, just my testing randoms in there right now. £700. Loading with vintage valves a possible for appropriate money.

Selmer Treble n Bass 50 SV: this is now working. £300.

Carlsbro 60 PA I mentioned possibly causing neighbour trouble. Now all working, with a crudely bodged in IEC because I didn’t want to file up the chassis. £300.

Matamp Quasar 1000w stereo power amp Turns out 1000w is very much louder than 100w, as much as I say watts don’t make that much odds. So amp tested, neighbours upset. £250. This is really tidy, sort of missed the last one I had, because a massive brutal power amp about is kind of handy, so it won’t be getting special offers.

AOR 30 1×12 combo with 6V6 power section. Had its check over and works fine. Valves tested, sockets cleaned. £295

Another Kelly, this is the super neat inside one. Didn’t crop out my Barefaced Super 15 because it fits so nice. £350 also, has XF2 EL34 inside. These are really nice amps, 50w is plenty if you have a good cab.