Laney TT100H guts

Not come across these much, rarely mentioned. Fairly big fan of the GH series, and the VH100R, figured this is a more fiddly, MIDI enabled variation.


Too many knobs and buttons


Stacked PCBs, board mounted pres, power valves wired up oldschool though, different layout to most Laneys.


Top side, pres pulled, all JJs and all super loose inisde, causing various issues. JJ have not been doing great of late.

This amp is for sale, £300.

Ashdown LB550 Little Bastard Class D hybrid head guts.


Totally forgot to take a pic of the front, but not a hard one to track down. Hiwattish preamp by Dave Green, coupled with a ICE power module by Bang and Olufsen. Took apart as cut out at a gig.


Not sure of the function of topside PCB. Seems a complete pre undernneath and the power module is its own thing. Important thing noted in this pic is ECC82 in the inner position. I totally forgot previous time I whipped the valves out of one, seemed to work happy with an ECC83 in there though.