Selmer Treble n bass 50w

Today’s arrival.




Edit: Oh yeah, that blob of vaseline on the valve base thing again, still don’t know why.

the problem:


Invader 60 valve amp, novel layout.

This one has been in a damp shed for a while, so will need some drying out and cleaning, because it smells weird.


Knobs on top of the chassis:


Board mount stuff, boo:


Tiny output transformer isn’t my bag, also no impedance selector, hope this isn’t another 100v line job, doubt as has ‘high gain’ inputs.

And the underneath:


Pretty neat wiring, sort of looks like hadn’t really got the idea of the whole PCB thing, with putting loads of wires over it.

Kenwood KD 5330 Direct drive turntable.


This was curbed near me, picked it up and put in my to do pile, reasonable quality 70s Japanese turntable. Needed one since I have a bout 500 records and no player currently. Note on it said in need of attention.


Check over inside it mostly just dust in there, nothing electrically upset. Here’s something I’ve heard of but not seen before: Wire wrap connections:


Clean up and a head shell/cartridge borrowed from my housemate, and it seems to work, but I lost the screws that hold the bottom panel on and it is missing its feet (well, all but one)

Newer Vox AC30

This came in with intermittent cutting out/volume loss. With a gig coming soon, it was a while U wait fix, so didn’t mess much with taking photos. Outside, looks like a Vox AC30. New variation on the tinfoiled fuse theme inside:


Pretty sure is a guitar string. Makes sort of sense.


Inside is all horrible PCB at angles and tons of push connectors. All put together in a really awkward way that is probably homage to the originals. Bust solder joint on the master volume appears to be issue, resolder that, and a few other likely candidates, replace the fuse, gave it a go, seems to work, didn’t fancy trying to extract all the PCBs anyway. Cleaned all its sockets too, vertical inputs is ideal for dirt to fall into.

Buman Power Pak PA preamp and Slave amp


Modular rig, you can also get instrument preamps and chain as many of the power amps up as you require.

This one came without valves but had work done fairly recently:


Preamp photo was a bit blurry,, can’t tell from camera screen, and I’ve put it together again now:

pre guts

Solid state board runs the reverb. All but one of the pre valves in there were duds. Since two other of these have both required new pre valves when I’ve gone over them, have a suspicion something in these is eating them, but don’t know what. Pointers would be appreciated. On first try the reverb knob just gave a nasty whistle. tapping stuff with a chopstick to try and find it, and a good ding on the reverb tank ‘fixed’ it. Not the issue won’t recur, so guess have to call it fixed.

Selling other stuff

Realised should stick other non amp stuff here too, don’t miss previous post with amps for sale, as well as other sales details.

ESP LTD H100, Sold

Joodee Rickenbacker copy / rickenfaker, really nice Japanese 70s copy SOLD but get in touch if you are after rick copies.

USA made Musicman SUB, neck looks well worn, feels nice, apparently was a finish thing with them, body finish is super tough though. Active, really nice, just had to resolder some of the PCB as detailed in another post. SOLD

Boss Metal Zone MT2 distortion pedal. £35

Boss Mega Distortion MD2 distortion pedal, also £35

Simms Watts PA200, that I totally forgot about for the last post, SOLD

Japanese Companion solid state amp, old and stylin, SOLD

Burman Pro 501 combo, not convinced I want to sell, but not as useful as the heads in practice, £600