Sound City 200 PA MKIV damaged in shipping.

Today’s arrival:


Two GEC KT88 rolling about loose, sleeve needs rebuilding, the strips inside are split and need replacing. Packing won’t help this sort of thing, been cropped, ropes around the box for handling might have helped.


Guts look alright, but the wiring style looks different to the other 200w Sound City I had earlier, curves in this rather than vague attempts at angles.


Big iron. Second preamp valve from the left in the pic is an ECC81.

Sound City 200 up and running


Bah, wordpress decided to take me to some alternate simplified editor and made this post go weird, so bunches of edits happening.

Aside from a confused standby switch, due to strange things being done by the guy who left the notes, it is up and running, need to bias is properly, but it is sounding good and clean.

Boring stuff to do now like figuring how the switch turns the light on when its in standby, even though the light is wired across the switch, so it should be lit by the HT. Need a more awake brain for that. Might replace some wiring too. Sorted the outputs to be a normal 4 parallel jacks rather than the weird must have two plugs in it to work arrangement. The output selector wiring is a crazy mess and I have no idea why, unless they were scared to trim down wires coming from the OT, which I would agree with, like I never cut pickup wires down, in anticipation of swapping them out often.

Interested in buying bust amps if you have them.