That new Warrior Pope album I mentioned.

I’ll do some amp updates soon, fully been neglecting this blog. I’ve neglected instagram and twitter too.

Used Burman, Laney, Sunn and custom Ampstack amps on this.

More amp guts, stuff for sale, excuses

Massively been neglecting this blog in favour of Facebook, but facebook is dying and temp post banning me every time I have a gig to promote. Check the ‘Sale” link at top of page and let me know if it works, I’ll need to sort out some sort of online sale page of my own at some point, ebay is expensive and Reverb sucks.

Here’s a bunch of amp guts that came through in the meantime:


Ashdown ABM 300 guts, bought as no sound, the valve was dead, which made the valve grind feature not work, but replaced and dusted a bit and it worked fine, messed with it a bunch with no issues. Sold it, and it came back couple of weeks later as no output. Opened again, and it was full of dust, think use blew a load trapped in the heatsink out, patching the fx loop gave output, cleaned a buncha dirt out of that and it was fine again, and seems to have been since.

50w Kelly guts, after a sorting out, a lot of bits replaced, but its easy work in these, really nice amps. This one is for sale.

Oh yeah, I remember why I got annoyed with using wordpress, fucked with picture upload format, not sure if get full resolution just by clicking on them now. This one had its branding clipped off, but fairly sure it was a Sola Sound branded Vampower. Clearly Vampower guts and sound. Again, for sale, Vampowers are really rare, not many made and a bunch got trashed to feed that bizarre make any rare amp into a bad marshall clone thing some bodgers have.


Here’s a favourite. Burman Pro502, this is a combo, but this is the important bit, high gain preamp, laid out and built to a quality level there is really low noise. Vast amounts of flexibility due to multiple gain controls and active mid EQ. Currently have one of these for sale.


The magic inside a Sunn Beta Lead, combo one, but its only a sleeve difference from the head. Stored damp so all external hardware rusted, the knobs have all burst, wound up replacing everything on the outside, jacks and pots. Now it is working, there is definitely something to it, great sounds, using on the next Warrior Pope album, and not selling. Might sell the combo part though.


Matamp Quasar 1000. Big power amp. Sounds like big power. Serious device. Is for sale.

Burman Pro502 guts, somewhat modified.


Even the flightcase didn’t save this one from UPS. Chassis is loose, the bolts pulled right through the sleeve, and the rivnuts broken loose, meaning the bolts just spin but are retained. Had to push them all the way thorough the sleeve, then address the oversized holes later.


New transformer in there and the reverb connector is removed and replaced with an XLR on the back presumably for an external unit.


Another view of the guts, showing the wiring for new transformer. No HT fuse in these puts the PT at risk.


Other end of the chassis.


Detail of the reverb mod. Now I’m thinking maybe a DIN rather than XLR but I put it back in flightcase and put stuff on top waiting for a rivnut tool showing up.

Burman Pro502 combo guts




Massive parcel arrived today, caught me just before leaving:



Guts not as tidy as the others. The middle filter cap on the left is free floating, so stuff needs doing. Not gonna have a chance for a while, tons else to do.


Impedance and voltage selectors banked off. Not sure why, or how original that is, general impression this amp has had a rough life on the road.

Buman Power Pak PA preamp and Slave amp


Modular rig, you can also get instrument preamps and chain as many of the power amps up as you require.

This one came without valves but had work done fairly recently:


Preamp photo was a bit blurry,, can’t tell from camera screen, and I’ve put it together again now:

pre guts

Solid state board runs the reverb. All but one of the pre valves in there were duds. Since two other of these have both required new pre valves when I’ve gone over them, have a suspicion something in these is eating them, but don’t know what. Pointers would be appreciated. On first try the reverb knob just gave a nasty whistle. tapping stuff with a chopstick to try and find it, and a good ding on the reverb tank ‘fixed’ it. Not the issue won’t recur, so guess have to call it fixed.

Burman Power Pak and instrument preamp

Had a couple of the PA version come through, but this is the instrument pre one. Idea was a modular thing so you could run as many of the slaves as you needed for power, or choose preamps according to need. The preamp is powered from the slave so can’t really be used alone without modifications. Inside the pre:

Inside the slave:

In the back:

Chassis is aluminium and wasn’t really up to the transformers so is pretty bent, the other ones I’ve had were steel chassis with larger transformers. Fair few things about the case construction are pretty crude, suspect this is very early/a prototype sort of model. Think it needs a recap the HT seems pretty unstable, the valve glow flickers and they redplate eventually. Not got bench space to mess with it much so is put aside until I have.