Peavey Triumph 60

Three channel 1×12 combo, might be Peavey’s thing to be bit too ambitious, one of the channels sounds totally rubbish. Came to me to see if I can figure why. According to the internet snipping one of the jumper wires in the pre sorts out a bad sound in the gain channel. Opened up to have a look and someone had been in there before and there was a cap bridging two jumpers. Without yoinking out the board, not gonna figure what it id, but first thing was lift it off and see what difference it made. Turns out not as much as putting decent valves in the preamp. Tried the clipping the wire mod too, still doesn’t sound great.

Portaflex impression. Not much interesting here.

Insides, tops of caps look bit round, push them and they feel hollow underneath.

Another view, bulging caps at the top, lifted cap and snipped wire below. Not convinced it made loads of odds comapred with better valves.

Other thing I’m doing, restring and setup on this cheap acoustic. Definitely something wrong with it:

On of the threads on the tuner screw in grommet things was miscut from new so doesn’t bite, peril of cheap guitars and a valid warranty return if anyone had noticed.


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