Moving into pedals. Some Carlsbro guts

Page for pedals:

Eyelet board Carlsbro 60TR guts.


100w Carlsbro Bass head with the C core transformers pictured loads from the previous one I had.



Unabused Sound City 120 PA

This arrived and I had it apart so fast I forgot to photo it in the sleeve and with original cover.

Most of the knobs still there.

Reasonable guts.

Loads of pre valves to run all the channels.

Sad broken Mullard, bit of a pain to get tout the socket since the glass bit was cracked all round the bottom.

Also was given this, some problem with the power section, dude bought a new one as had stuff to do rather than fix it.

Any guidance as to how to start fixing it would be appreciated. I’m probably going to start by opening it and putting all of its parts in the way while I stare at it and drink cups of tea.

Another Sound City arrives

Grabbed this PA as a dead one, figured be full of useful spares. Shame most of the knobs have been replaced, had high hopes there.

No idea what someone was up to inside it though, horrible bodgery, the leads on the caps were touching the bottom grill, definitely a bad thing:

In addition to the flying caps, check the cluster of resistors in the middle, that’s a bundle of 6. I will say to whoever did this’ credit,t hey didn’t steal all the Mullards out of it. Not really sure what is going to become of this.

Vampower with modular preamp.

Got a heads up from the singer in my project Warrior Pope that there was a valve amp nearby. Turned out to be across the street from me. Easy peasy. Dude offered to turn it on so I could see the valves glow. Nearly shouted at him, due to the no speaker part. XD card in my camera has died and it has enough internal memory for one picture, so gathering these was bit of a nutpain:

New front plate for ID fun.

Preamp slots in like a game cartridge.

Neat inside, PCB, individual valve bias. Power board is secure at that angle, just looks free floating.

The Roost is running

Put off doing this for ages. Cleaned all the white stuff out, wiped a lot of crud off the inside, two power valves tested meh, so stuck a set of Shuguangs in. Fired it up, proper blast of white noise, poke about and its one noisy pre valve, cleaned the socket more (felt a bit gritty) swapped a known good one in, and we are good to go.

Back in the case when I’m feeling energetic again, need to check the reverb does what it should. Leeme know if you wanna buy this, I have so many 100w amps.