Laney VA 100 head and VA50 combo


This is kind of a rarity. Came in between Klipps and Pro-tube series as far as I know, have asked Laney on FB if they can confirm anything.


Decent sized iron. Still the crappy rotary switches.


PCB with more stuff mounted on it that the Pro Tubes, guess they figured it wasn’t such a great idea.


Top side.


Combo version, different chassis, cut outs and angled front.



McKenzie speakers. Burman briefly used these, kind of premium items, few Burman similarities/influences on these amps, see Pro Series amps.

Orange OR120SL Slave


Picked up as a fixer, no sleeve, been in a shed, think the sleeve rotted. Has the same PCB as an OR120 so could be converted fairly readily, but some people want it as a slave so prob just a fix up.


Choke and fair sized iron.


PCB with the OR120 parts unpopulated.


Wire broken off the end of a filter cap, soldered back on, and failed again.

Hiwatt DR203 PA guts and another Sound City energiser slave

Bit of a mission to go and get this. Came with no valves, but been after a Hiwatt for ages. Hope it works because the inked joins and ridiculous neatness are going to make it hard to sort out without showing.

PA front, pretty boring.

Super tidy inked guts. The inked turrets with no solder on them is odd though.

Here are the pain in the nuts must have two cabs plugged in to work jack arrangement, as the amp was more powerful than most cabs could take. Overall, very similar to my Sound City 200, but neater and inked.

Also had this much less interesting Sound city slave arrive.

Electrovoice transformers again. Not very exciting.

Laney AOR Pro tube series 2 from 1991.

Figured would be nice to compare to the previous one.

New one at the top, different textured finish. pull brights on the master volumes for each channel, and the other pull knobs relabeled.

Inside, looks like they got stingy with the capacitors. Chunky iron, and there is a date sticker on the choke saying 1991.

Guts look really tidy. No sign of those caps though, kinda expected to be on sides of chassis.

Plenty molested Sound City B120

Ebay score. But the amp that turned up isn’t the one described in the listing

Different logo, this one is also painted red. And the listing says: “I had this amplifier professionally re-conditioned a few years ago and it has hardly been used since

 It was re-wired and all new valves and components fitted and works very well as a result”
It was loaded with a mix of Mullards and Mazda power valves, and Brimar, Pinnacle and Mazda power valves, none newer than maybe the 80s. And inside, the all new wiring looked like this:
Looks like mostly original wiring and a bunch of bodges to me. Hot glued old caps, and nasty earth soldering. Best is this though:
Amp works but breaks up too easily in a nasty way, sounds like a sucky valve. gotta see what the guy says via ebay before doing much with it.