Little help for a friend of mine. Wishbass fire.

If I tagged it right, should be able to find the entries about me finishing the Wishbass I had made for me by Steve Wishnevsky a year or two ago. Sadly, Steve’s workshop, where this bass was made burned down leaving him with not much more than a couple of dozen clamps and embers to work with. Clamps are pretty important granted, but stuff like a roof is pretty helpful too. So if you can chcuk some dollars towards a rebuilt, it will really help him rebuild, and me getting more Wishbasses done to my funny specs made.

Gofundme page here:

Picture gallery of remains:

News article with video of the man:


Fingerboard for the Wishbass arrived.

Done some shaping with the rasp and the more aggressive end of sanding, try and smooth the shape and such. Ordered a slotted ebony board, requested extra long for the purpose. Looks like it should match well.

Board isn’t radiused, my other Wishbass has a flat board, but I’m going to do this one to a 16″ radius and see how it compares. Still undecided where to go with the headstock repair, but Wish suggested carbon fiber, which would also be cool.

Wormy Wishbass is pretty bad

Gave it its woodworm treatment, set to it with the wood hardener today, left for prescribed time and had a poking to see what we ended up with. Not ideal news:

Not too much left once the spongy stuff had been scraped off. So I sawed through the last good wood:

About half a square inch area of good wood holding half the headstock on, still held tune though. Gotta figure what to replace it with. Wishnevsky said he’d send a blank end of laminated Wish neck so I could scarf on and carve a new headstock, lots of effort. But now that’s off, thinking replace with crude but effective metalwork and have a biomechanical thing.

Proamplifiers VSQ150 and another Wishbass

Loved 4 separate wake ups this morning from stuff arriving today, stayed up late waiting for a cab to come back after a gig, so wanted the sleeping. does mean I have new stuff to play with though.

First and most awkward to move around with just woken up co-ordination: A Proamplifiers VSQ150. Pretty google unfriendly name keeps these under the radar so info on them was scarce. Grabbed it anyway, figure can’t go too far wrong with British handmade valve amps, that is my area. Lots of knobs though. Took it apart too fast to remember to take a photo. This beasty amp was packing a quad of 6550, guess the 150 is 150w then.

Inside is a bit complicated though, might have overextended myself there:

Really fiddly PCB with loads of transistors, some ICs and weird through hole valve bases, attached to chassis but soldered to far side of the board so can’t get the board out without detaching all of the legs. Hope that’s all fine and its just a valve/pot issue making the pre not work then. Should have expected complication from an amp with this many knobs:

Will give that a cleaning and some new valves and a bit of tightening, and see what it does.

Also incoming is another Wishbass:

Issue with this one is woodworm:

Only in one piece of the wood, and it is fairly recently made, so guessing it was already in the wood before the bass was made. Not it has compromised the strength of the headstock, but since it was overkill anyway, hoping that woodwork treatment followed by wood hardener will be enough, otherwise it is splice on a new headstock. Also planning to plane the board flat (its near flat radius anyway, and has some imperfections) and glue on a slotted board then fret it, as I can’t play fretless, and can’t sell a bass this close to crumbling into dust.

Fret polish on the Wishbass

Here’s what a bass having a fret sorting looks like:

Putting all that tape on between frets is very boring. The stuff on the wings is better to do than slip and scratch something by not paying attention. Problem it had was the frets had been leveled with a file, and that was it, very rough on top, so fine wet and dry paper to smooth them off, lubricated with fingerboard oil in case of seepage, want to avoid water on the wood. Then polished with T-cut on a cloth. Also redrilled the wonky bridge and replaced with black hardware.

tech mate gave me a heatsink from his spares pile and I’ve ordered some chunky 100w resistors to make myself a dummy load, so then I can be a real amp tech and not annoy neighbours. Or explode it and shower myself in hot aluminium shrapnel, either way.

Wishbass assembled

Got impatient, strung it up, basic wiring. Too late in the day to make noise though. Have ordered black hardware, but is coming from overseas so will be a while.

Also cleaned up the mac and had a go with that, must have been fairly recently serviced due to lots of new caps, but still has some hum. The wonky transformer is pretty rigidly there, stood on it to try and get it back in place, and I’m a heavy dude, didn’t budge, musta been some drop to get it wonky. The trem light pulses with the trem setting, even when the trem is off, pretty annoying, and the only way to switch the reverb is to flip it to the channel you aren’t using, or the mute.

New amp arrive. Weird one.

Been a bit since any amp related updates, cause I’ve mostly been filing saddles on acoustics and wiping oil on the Wishbass, not interesting or photogenic. Kind of went too much on the oil on the Wishbass and it got smears, had a go at buffing it back with white spirit and a clean cloth, but mostly made it go dull again. Another go over with very fine wet and dry and a more cautious wipe over with oil is next plan.

Anyway, here is what my Dad dropped off today (got his courier to collect it).

Looks cool, weirdly the handles are bolted to the back panel, so to get the back off, I ended up unbolting the handles, which is was stood on. Can’t make much sense of it.

Advertised as 100w, but definitely not, those are EL84 or similar. Looks like it has had a dropping and knocked the transformer wonky, and been stuffed in the box with no heed to the new shape. Covering is a weird soft leathery stuff, thick and squashy to the touch.

Weird mechanism relating to the reverb there, moving a tongue poking out above the back cover pushes something down on the reverb, dunno what it does till I have it apart proper, and too tired for that today. Pics tomorrow.

Also arrived, pile of cheap strats, let me know if you want any:

Check out the forearm contour cut the wrong way on the Rockwood on the right.