Kelly 100w amp

Ex Selmer guy. Dymo labels stuff and not big on model numbers.



Real tidy inside, really wide chassis, full length of a 4×12.





100w 4 channel Kelly PA

Kelly are the tidier offshoot of Selmer, this one in particular is very Selmery, had a good chance to side by side it.

kelly selmer

Got them both from same dude, fairly sure he put the knobs on, but the chassis and such are clearly same.


That’s a timer so you can keep track of your valves.


Top side of chassis.


Underneath, familiar Kelly build style on tag strips. Some work done and a diagram left in there. Tagging Selmer, should bring up previous 100w Selmer PAs for comparison.

Selmer 100w PA guts. Unusual black face one.

Grabbed on ebay, didn’t seem to get much interest, but they are nice amps, I kinda have them pegged for the one that start shooting up in price along with Carlsbro when people realise they are the proper deal.



Standard massive choke in these, loads of power supply caps. All necessary stuff to beefy sound.


Tidy unmolested guts, clean too.


This is fun, apparently the amp is 100% efficient.

Croc skin Selmer Treble and Bass guts. Horrible state.

This came in because it has a bit of noise when used with a reverb.


Interesting caps, note that valve rectifier there.


Underneath, note that solid state rectifier there. Someone has disconnected that, and put it back to valve, but left everything else. Clearly toasted a valve which started a fire inside, but all the burnt wires have just been electrical taped. After hoovering it out, checked the fuses, and the ground, those are fine, so turned it on, since it was ‘working’ an I’m only looking for a noise. That bundle of wires caught fire. The noise was the shield on a wire on a preamp valve base touching the heater. This needs a proper rebuild.

Ashdown Little Bastard and Selmer Treble and Bass Mk2 guts

Little Bastard works fine but opened it up for a look anyway:


PCB mount valves and pots, not ideal, but at least not all push connectors. Sounds great too, not really loud enough for my purposes. So for sale, £350.


Top view showing valves and iron. Did notice the edges of the chassis seams are not welded, seems solid enough anyway.

On to the selmer T&B.


Plenty of cobwebs and spiders going on, seem to predate the power valves by a fair bit, so someone did a bodgy job of them.


Underneath, looks like bias cap and resistor replaced. Compare to later ones, looks line minimal changes were made to add SS rectification, one had the diodes right on the transformer, other had a dedicated board.