Mate in Finland is selling a Matamp GTO/GTL

Get plenty of hits from there, and the impression there aren’t many amps going, so maybe worth checking out:

Direct contact: noiz79 at hotmail dot com


Orange 125 Hustler 2×12 combo.

Traded for this, because its interesting, even though I am no fan of Fender Twins or Orange amps, combine the two and you catch my interest.



Original footswitch for reverb and trem is nice, but it was hardwired, which has broken off, hoping the hole is big enough under the grommet I can put a jack in, for a bit more sensible.


PCB with board mount valves isn’t ideal, but this has had a fairly recent and thorough service, so not too worried. Was dustier than I’d expect though. Nice lacing. Weird layout.


More pcb detail as I guess its useful. Not actually made noise with it yet, more concerned with finding space for it. Seem to have replaced a bunch of heads with combos. After in the region of £550 for this if anyone fancies.

Selling stuff.

Edit: Shipping for amps to UK will be about £20, EU countries will generally be about £40, Norway, since I’m getting tons of hits from there, is about £60, some of the heavier amps (200 watters) might be a bit more.

Could do with funding Christmas and suchlike. Most of this has been on ebay, cheaper here. Offers on stuff considered, especially if you want multiple things, or want unvalved to put your own it etc. I can ship worldwide, collection is ideal though. Paypal or preferably bank transfer accepted. olifoxen at hotmail dot co dot uk. If other stuff on the blog has caught your eye, ask, got tons of things waiting for me to fix I could move on potentially.

Hiwatt 200 PA Been cleaned, and valved, just used an open jack plug to bypass the force you to use two cabs arrangement. Works fine with no noise. £1100

Italian MAC and here for inside pics SOLD

Vampower PA, not finding the front shot, might be my bad tagging, but the insides are here. And a pic from elsewhere. £450

Nolan 100w, insides in the link above, serviced by my mate, really nice sounding amp, £500

Stak by MJB Electronics stack. 130w head (4 EL34 and nice transformers) and a 18″ W horn cab. I spoke to the guy who designed and built these, the cab was ‘designed’ by sending his carpenter mate to the local music shop showroom with a tape measure, looks like he picked out an Acoustic 361 to measure up. The head is fairly simple Fender style preamp, simple but made really well, which is the best way for valve amps to be. This is mostly for sale just to lose the cab, takes up loads of room, but too much of a shame to split them. The original Gauss driver with a voice coil rub will be included, there is an Eminence 18 in the cab currently. SOLD

Carlsbro 100 TOP. This wins the prize for contrast between how nice it sounds to how ugly it looks. Kind of like it had nail varnish spilt on it , then set on fire, and it started out yellow. But Partridge iron, and minimalist preamp make this a really nice, and powerful sounding amp. Replaced a dodge looking cap, and new valves in it. £400

Hiwatt DR103, 1969 so predates Harry Joyce joining and doing all the inking. Clearly a working amp for a long time, various mods, some of which I can return to original, but they are mostly fairly practical ones, like an IEC socket. SOLD

50w 2xEL34 Laney AOR combo, SOLD

Sound City 120, revalved and recapped and some noisy parts replaced. SOLD

100w Hiwatt PA. Sounds fine for bass, one input is missing, so only 5. £550