Laney Supergroup MK1 guts


Finally got one.


Bit more gone on inside than is ideal, clearly burned up at some point, new valve base and lots of new wiring, along with most of a recap. Also, looks a lot like they used lead free solder but not a suitably hot iron, so gonna have to redo all the joints and they look duff and a resistor just pulled off.


Laney Supergroup series 200w white face bass amp

A mate just dropped this round for me to look at. Pretty rare, not heard of them before. 200w Supergroup instrument head.

200w supergroup

Inside, its runs from 6 EL34, and massive Partridge iron, with the Laney style both at one end thing which makes it a proper pain in the nuts to carry.


Underneath, same style as the Klipps, but bigger:


Big enough the other board needs a separate pic:


Can’t say how it sounds because opening it shows a few of those big caps aren’t actually soldered at the ends, pretty similar to one of the Klipps. supposedly had been serviced too, which appears to have been putting a new valve in and not even dusting it. Going to need a bit of a going over before I’ll be firing it up, lots of power going on.