Marshall JCM 800 2203ZW Zakk Wylde sig model guts

Minor preamp valve base issue in this, took a pic of the inside while I was there.


Marshall guts

Picked up a couple of Marshall amps. Not my usual thing but a gaping hole in my gutshots collection. First up a 1971 JMP Super Lead.

Non original switch (but I don’t know which one, I have spares of both) and well tatty.

Back with badly installed effects loop. could really have done with lining up the holes. Its disconnected inside, just unconnected jacks.

Handwired, but not point to point. Apparently the cluster of smarty resistors left of middle is as original. guessing the one odd diode isn’t. Not super exciting in there.

This one is for sale, £900

Other one also looks like a Marshall, but a badly recovered one. 1981 Mk2 Master Model 100w, JCM800. Insides are thus:

Much tidier, compare to the Laney AOR pictured earlier.