Mishka Shubaly at The Gryphon, Friday 18th November

Ampstack is presenting a gig. In a metal pub. But it isn’t a metal gig and will almost certainly not involve stacks of amps.

Gryphon Mishka_UK_TourPoster_colour2.jpg

Event page where most up to date info will be: https://www.facebook.com/events/343272202671948

Award winning author and writer of the Doug Stanhope Podcast theme plays his songs and tells stories for us in an intimate venue, featuring excellent beers.

Mishka Shubaly: http://www.mishkashubaly.com/
Supported by:
Lionface [solo] https://www.facebook.com/lionfacemusic

C├ęcile https://www.facebook.com/cecile.music.uk/