More amp guts, stuff for sale, excuses

Massively been neglecting this blog in favour of Facebook, but facebook is dying and temp post banning me every time I have a gig to promote. Check the ‘Sale” link at top of page and let me know if it works, I’ll need to sort out some sort of online sale page of my own at some point, ebay is expensive and Reverb sucks.

Here’s a bunch of amp guts that came through in the meantime:


Ashdown ABM 300 guts, bought as no sound, the valve was dead, which made the valve grind feature not work, but replaced and dusted a bit and it worked fine, messed with it a bunch with no issues. Sold it, and it came back couple of weeks later as no output. Opened again, and it was full of dust, think use blew a load trapped in the heatsink out, patching the fx loop gave output, cleaned a buncha dirt out of that and it was fine again, and seems to have been since.

50w Kelly guts, after a sorting out, a lot of bits replaced, but its easy work in these, really nice amps. This one is for sale.

Oh yeah, I remember why I got annoyed with using wordpress, fucked with picture upload format, not sure if get full resolution just by clicking on them now. This one had its branding clipped off, but fairly sure it was a Sola Sound branded Vampower. Clearly Vampower guts and sound. Again, for sale, Vampowers are really rare, not many made and a bunch got trashed to feed that bizarre make any rare amp into a bad marshall clone thing some bodgers have.


Here’s a favourite. Burman Pro502, this is a combo, but this is the important bit, high gain preamp, laid out and built to a quality level there is really low noise. Vast amounts of flexibility due to multiple gain controls and active mid EQ. Currently have one of these for sale.


The magic inside a Sunn Beta Lead, combo one, but its only a sleeve difference from the head. Stored damp so all external hardware rusted, the knobs have all burst, wound up replacing everything on the outside, jacks and pots. Now it is working, there is definitely something to it, great sounds, using on the next Warrior Pope album, and not selling. Might sell the combo part though.


Matamp Quasar 1000. Big power amp. Sounds like big power. Serious device. Is for sale.


Laney TT100H guts

Not come across these much, rarely mentioned. Fairly big fan of the GH series, and the VH100R, figured this is a more fiddly, MIDI enabled variation.


Too many knobs and buttons


Stacked PCBs, board mounted pres, power valves wired up oldschool though, different layout to most Laneys.


Top side, pres pulled, all JJs and all super loose inisde, causing various issues. JJ have not been doing great of late.

This amp is for sale, £300.

Ashdown LB550 Little Bastard Class D hybrid head guts.


Totally forgot to take a pic of the front, but not a hard one to track down. Hiwattish preamp by Dave Green, coupled with a ICE power module by Bang and Olufsen. Took apart as cut out at a gig.


Not sure of the function of topside PCB. Seems a complete pre undernneath and the power module is its own thing. Important thing noted in this pic is ECC82 in the inner position. I totally forgot previous time I whipped the valves out of one, seemed to work happy with an ECC83 in there though.

Wilsic 100w two channel head


Styling in between the previous Wilsic and Miles Platting amps I’ve had. Apparently a fairly early model.


Poor cap job. Just rattling about loose on the wires.


Guts, not as tidy as previous one, but more stuff has been done in here. Not sure if snubbers on the rectifier actually does anything in the audible range.

Blackstar Stage 60 guts


Clean channel not working. Still doesn’t with tested good valves in, something else going on, but not too easy to investigate stuff with loads of surface mount and SS shenanigans.


Big heat sink with presumably voltage regulators on, heat right next to the filter caps seems a terrible idea. Strong theme of this amp, sent it off without a fix as it was nothing readily apparent.

Matamp Quasar 500 and Laney VH100R guts


Showed up set to bridge mode, had to open it and find the switch. Turns out not on the side with the diagram. Do spot a toasty looking resistor bottom left though. Still tested right, luckily as it was missing a stripe.



Right side this time, showing the classic K135 and J50 mosfets. Hand marked bridge/stereo switch on the pcb to the left.

Other thing:


Laney VH100R, made a bunch of noises and blew a fuse.


A shorted power valve, a miles out of spec (like, measured a couple of meg rather than open) grid resistor. Suspect someone tried a ‘fix’ by swapping positions before selling this as ‘working’. Couple of dud pres too.