Current for sale list

Email about these, don’t comment, I get no notification of comments. Details of some are in the blog, but better emailing about them.

Hiwatt 200w KT88 PA £1000
Carlsbro 60w PA £300
Kelly 100w PA £375
Dan Armstrong graphic EQ hybrid (valve power section, graphic eq front end) £350
Miles Patting 50w valve rectified £600
ProAmplifiers VSQ150 6550 £350
Carlsbro 100TC £350
Sound City 50+ £475
Carlsbro 60TC £350
Laney Klipp era 100w PA £400
Laney Klipp 100w £750
Wilsic Sound 100w £700
Simms Watts GE100 £400
Simms Watts 4 channel 100w PA. £400
Hot 100 loaded Matamp cab, 200w 2×12. 8ohm. £350
Selmer Tremelo, Treble and bass, 100w £500
Selmer Reverberation 100. PA. £350
Marmac XL120 PA £350
White Little Rock 120 2×12 combo. £350
Kelly McKay Sound 50w 2×12 combo. £450.


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