STAK 130 valve amp head guts

Rare one, but the second I’ve had, the other one got done up before I was into this and behaved, so I didn’t get gutshots. Not this one though, came ‘ebay working’ (didn’t buy through ebay, but its the term I use) it makes noise, but two power valves were dud and one cap is spewing it’s guts.

STAK 003

STAK 002

Valves pulled for packing, its 4 EL34, standard style. Only 8 and 16 ohm outputs. Don’t think these are Partridges, from speaking to guy who made it. Voltage selector is on top of chassis.

STAK 005

Fairly standard stuff. Pop rivets holding stuff in though, so once they are in, gotta be drilled out. All the sockets are healthy though.

STAK 004

Simple and fairly neat. Dig this.


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