Dan Armstrong 60w hybrid guts

Built by Laney, dunno much about the history of these.

dan armstrong 003

Partridge iron.

dan armstrong 005

Fully Laney guts.

dan armstrong 009

Solid state bit.


1 thought on “Dan Armstrong 60w hybrid guts

  1. Found an interesting post about the Dan Armstrong Amp from the Vintage Amps Forum:

    OK Dan Fans,

    Below is a letter I recieved from Dan while looking for info on the Dan 100 amplifier.
    Interesting response from a real Gentleman. Sadly, he passed away shortly after my correspondence with him.

    “Hi Ed…..

    I’m very glad you like my stuff,. stand by for the 21st century Orange
    Squeezer…coming soon!

    Can’t help on the paper work, but I’m sure that Laney can get you something.

    I felt that the execution of my concept was much too far from the point in too
    many ways…eight sliders instead of ten…..transistor input…..just a lot
    of little things. There is a serious flaw in the construction design however,
    which caused me to sever my relationship with Laney, Boozey and Hawkes, and
    that amp, and it is this: when disassembling the amp to work on it, the
    ground can be disconnected from the preamp, while the high voltage stays
    connected. This can be very dangerous…a hazard to the repairman.

    On a sales and promotion tour I did, the demonstration amps ‘blew up’ one out
    of four times. I was unhappy, believe me.

    Before the amp actually appeared, just on the advertisments and the concept, a
    helluva lot of amps were ordered by dealers world-wide/ How many actuslly
    were sold with my name on them, I really can’t say, but the name was changed
    to ‘EQ’ and most were sold that way. I don’t know it they corrected the fault
    or not.

    This ‘wildcat designer’ bit I do is not without some ups and downs.

    Please do keep in contact!


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