Pre CBS Fender Bassman 6G6B 50w guts


Mate has had this since he bought it on Beale Street whilst touring in the US in the 60s.


Replaced 6L6, not sure which is original. Assume the short fat one, because that way the amp would sit on its transformers when out of the sleeve.


Not sure if the choke is original.


Guts with all its fabled original bits. Including suicide cap on the power input.



Filer caps under the cover.


Crappy Jensens replaced with Goodmans audioms with some headroom. The reason old stuff sounds so good was because in the day, people cared about how they sounded, not what was written on them. These speakers sound great with this rig, they actually deal with the amps output, and was good enough for pub gigging 10 years ago.


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