Buman Power Pak PA preamp and Slave amp


Modular rig, you can also get instrument preamps and chain as many of the power amps up as you require.

This one came without valves but had work done fairly recently:


Preamp photo was a bit blurry,, can’t tell from camera screen, and I’ve put it together again now:

pre guts

Solid state board runs the reverb. All but one of the pre valves in there were duds. Since two other of these have both required new pre valves when I’ve gone over them, have a suspicion something in these is eating them, but don’t know what. Pointers would be appreciated. On first try the reverb knob just gave a nasty whistle. tapping stuff with a chopstick to try and find it, and a good ding on the reverb tank ‘fixed’ it. Not the issue won’t recur, so guess have to call it fixed.


One thought on “Buman Power Pak PA preamp and Slave amp

  1. Any idea on where or how to get parts for Burman (preferably NOS)? Just bought a Pro 2000 head here in California. Amp functions and sounds fantastic but the reverb is broke, power indicator does not light up, missing a knob/pot (Selco?), and the Burman name badge is missing. Many folks including trusted amp techs are not real savvy on this manufacturer. Can’t seem to contact any of the persons associated with the company as far back as 2006 or so. Any help is appreciated!

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