Would anyone buy new amps made around old transformers?

Considering it as a plan, with a mate who is good with wiring (wired tanks/fighting vehicles, so that whole ‘military wiring’ thing). I have a bunch of PA amps with not so much value in them, I could tweak and mod, but would still be a PA amp, so considering total rebuild, newly powder coated, possibly totally new chassis, new sleeve, all new gubbins etc. just using the old transformers. Be about £1200 for a 100 watter, would anyone buy, specifically, would you buy, rather that just sort of assuming someone else will buy.


2 thoughts on “Would anyone buy new amps made around old transformers?

  1. ABSOLUTELY!! I have a friend who has made several Fender tweed amps using old Triad transformers. I have bought two. I currently own a clone (if you want to call it that) of a tweed Super V-front that has original 1950s Triad transformers and it sounds INCREDIBLE! The last one was a Pro tweed with a 15″ speaker and the speaker was also a 1960s Jensen. So, I think that people in the know would realize that using old transformers would sound even better than new ones if the transformers are still in good shape. I know there are companies that still make the real deal, great transformers, but sometimes a 40 year old tube, speaker or transformer can’t be beat!

    • Don’t think Fenders were typified by decent transformers, so making amps like a fender round the iron I have probably won’t sound like a fender, and the difference is kind of a taste call. UL on the bigger bassman stuff, and that needs specific trannies.

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