Octobass in action video, and inside the dissapointing SC200 PA

Will posted a vid up of the piece in action before we packed it up to go to Latitude festival, where it won the Contemporary art prize: http://www.flickr.com/photos/leadtowill/7610407178/in/photostream
Hopefully will get to make some more stuff like that.

Now this is something that got dumped at the bottom of the to do pile, but various things on top of it had transformer issues I can’t do much with. So dragged it out to strip. This was a Sound city 200 PA I spotted in a pile of junk for sale, I asked the guy if it had transformers in it, it did indeed. All excited, sorted a ride to go and get it. It had tiny transformers in it, and a big heatsink, someone had converted it to solid state, something I totally didn’t see coming.

Stripping it for minor spares like cap clamps and small bits of turret board is about all I can do, chassis too. Its been damp so the jacks and pots are crusty.



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