Plenty molested Sound City B120

Ebay score. But the amp that turned up isn’t the one described in the listing

Different logo, this one is also painted red. And the listing says: “I had this amplifier professionally re-conditioned a few years ago and it has hardly been used since

 It was re-wired and all new valves and components fitted and works very well as a result”
It was loaded with a mix of Mullards and Mazda power valves, and Brimar, Pinnacle and Mazda power valves, none newer than maybe the 80s. And inside, the all new wiring looked like this:
Looks like mostly original wiring and a bunch of bodges to me. Hot glued old caps, and nasty earth soldering. Best is this though:
Amp works but breaks up too easily in a nasty way, sounds like a sucky valve. gotta see what the guy says via ebay before doing much with it.

3 thoughts on “Plenty molested Sound City B120

    • Basically top bollock components for the time, but cheaped out on the assembly, and nothing like Marshalls, so the price didn’t go nuts as people buy them to convert to Marshalls (although I have one where someone tried). The Mark 4 ones had a funny preamp that gets really noisy due to tons of clean gain and carbon comp resistors. All in all, amps that come up cheap money, and need a bit of effort to be really good.

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